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Some time back I set a mission for myself. When ever I identify a veteran of Vietnam I seek to shake their hand and I apologize for the way they were greeted when the came home. Also, I add that the people who make wars are not the ones who fight them. I am always thanked and, at times, get …


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For the first time in what feels like a very long time, I don’t have any stories of mass killings or terror attacks to tell you about. No fear though, there was still plenty of things happening outside of our own little bubble to bring to you. The first being…                

  • Keeli Gage

When we moved to Roseburg and were cleaning our new home, I found a some items in the kitchen. Most I threw away - one I did not.

When seasons change, often our paces shift. We either speed up or try to clear our schedule so we can slow down. Our family focus is effected too. Sports, holidays, vacation, end of the school year, garden harvests and summer projects. All of these can redirect our energy.

Want to get outdoors with the family and do something other than the usual park routine? Here are a few unique local spots that are family-friendly (including your very smallest members).


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