Attorneys representing the 21 youth plaintiffs in Juliana v. United States are seeking the “Wayne Tracker” emails as part of discovery in the federal climate case. They served a request for production of documents to the U.S. government and the American Petroleum Institute, asking both defen…



WINCHESTER — Students of all ages met with industry and agency representatives to learn about different career paths during the 10th annual Explore Engineering, Surveying, Forestry, Computing and Computer Science event Wednesday at Umpqua Community College.

Though both claim to want what’s best for the environment, conservation groups and timber companies often find themselves at odds over the impacts of modern forestry practices in Oregon.

WASHINGTON — With a shrewdly calculated innocence, Judge Neil Gorsuch told a big fat lie at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday. Because it was a lie everyone expected, nobody called it that.

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After voters resoundingly defeated Ballot Measure 97, a $6 billion proposed tax increase on large corporations, the measure’s backers came up with a revised tax plan they hoped could gain traction in Salem. But judging from a new poll of Oregon voters released last week, the public wants to …

A key talking point in the theory that Donald Trump and the Russians conspired in the 2016 election is the allegation that last summer, during the Republican convention, the Trump campaign changed the GOP platform to weaken its stance on Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.



Growing up, there was no lack of church potlucks and family gatherings where all manner of recipes were shared. Lined up on those tables were a plethora of dishes ranging from sweet to savory, including new creations and the old standards as well.

I am not sure about you, but this has felt like a long winter. And it probably wasn't any longer than previous ones.