MYRTLE CREEK — The Myrtle Creek Summer Festival returns Thursday to celebrate “30 years of fun.” The event, which runs Thursday through Sunday, kicks off at 4 p.m. Thursday and promises a weekend filled with activities and entertainment.

As the Democratic National Convention continues this week in Philadelphia, likely finalizing Hillary Clinton’s selection as the Democratic nominee for president, reaction to her choice for a vice-presidential running mate last Friday is looked at as positive by most local democrats.


EUGENE — Tim Sustaire knew his 2016 Roseburg Renegades Junior State baseball team was talented at the start, but wondered how it would mesh over the course of the summer.

Gordon McAhren’s home in Myrtle Creek is bordered by Cougar Canyon Golf Course on three sides, making it convenient for the long-time golfer to ride his personal golf cart from his backyard to Hole 1.


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Do you ever need a reminding? Do you see the ensuing whirlwind and long to slow it all down? I do. All the time. I am always forgetting and then always remembering. Whether it is in child raising, marriage or cracks in my own security. I need reminding and retelling and a redesigning, so my …

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For the first time in what feels like a very long time, I don’t have any stories of mass killings or terror attacks to tell you about. No fear though, there was still plenty of things happening outside of our own little bubble to bring to you. The first being…                

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When we moved to Roseburg and were cleaning our new home, I found a some items in the kitchen. Most I threw away - one I did not.

When seasons change, often our paces shift. We either speed up or try to clear our schedule so we can slow down. Our family focus is effected too. Sports, holidays, vacation, end of the school year, garden harvests and summer projects. All of these can redirect our energy.


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