Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read, who voted to continue with the sale of the Elliott State Forest in February, issued a statement Tuesday favoring Gov. Kate Brown's alternate plan to keep the forest publicly owned.

Beau Jonathan Hanlin, 23, was arrested Monday night after he allegedly backed his car into another vehicle at the Idle Hour bar while visibly intoxicated, according to the Roseburg Police Department.

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The Young Entrepreneurs Society is planning to host its March Pub Talk at 5 p.m. Wednesday at The Loft, 950 S.E. Oak St., Roseburg. Kody Kellom from Full Draw Film and Born and Raised Outdoors will tell his startup story about selling a business and buying a new one.

My wife and I live six miles upriver from Tiller and we are intimately connected to the South Umpqua River. It runs through our property, and when the water is up, it gets very close to the house. My wife’s family started renting the place from Roseburg Lumber after the ’64 flood, and she’s …

Liberals are ecstatic that a judge in Hawaii is writing immigration policy for the entire country, and that policy is: We have no right to tell anyone that he can’t live in America. (Unless they’re Christians — those guys we can keep out.)



I sat on a parenting panel this past weekend and after sharing about our little at-home "joy jar" behavior system and seeing the intrigued response, I decided it may possibly be something to pique interest on this mama-blog.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and someone posted how they made pancakes out of just mashed banana and a couple of eggs. When I first heard of this recipe I thought no way! You cannot make pancakes out of just banana and eggs. Then I saw someone else rave about it so I tried …