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The News-Review can reach every one of your consumer's markets - Print, Online and Mobile with our advertising packages. Whether you want a full-page print ad, to connect on Facebook or push your product or service to mobile users, we at The News-Review have a solution for you.

Print Advertising

The News-Review Publishing Company publishes three products weekly, The News-Review a 6-day a week daily newspaper, the Shopper - a weekly classifieds listing and Extra, a weekly community broadsheet. With a total daily circulation of over 17,500 The News-Review reaches more than 90% of Douglas County in any given week.

The News-Review
345 NE Winchester St
OR 97470

Ph. (541) 672-3321
Fax. (541) 673-5994

Advertising Director
Julie Schultz
Ph. (541) 957-4226
E-Mail: jschultz@nrtoday.com

Private Party/Commercial:
Mon-Fri: 8.30am - 5pm
Phone: (541) 957-4200
Fax: (541) 957-5925

Funeral Notices:
Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Email: Death Notices & Obituaries
Phone: (541) 957-4234

Legals/Public Notices:
Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5pm
(541) 672-3321

Special Publications
The News-Review publishes several Special Publications during the course of a year. Our key glossy offerings include the Visitor's Guide, Our Town and Umpqua Edition. These are provided free to all Douglas County residents and always prove popular keepsakes for tourists and travelers.

Some of the annual special publications include Graffiti Weekend, The Douglas County Fair, The Blackberry Festival, Relay for Life, Rotary Duck Race and the Spring and Fall Home and Garden inserts.

Online Advertising

nrtoday.com continues to offer Douglas County businesses a premium Web site advertising opportunity. Our simple and user friendly banner ad program stays far away from the annoying ad types that leave a bad impression on the viewer. Our reader-friendly image ads run large sizes to give plenty of room to feature brand or product. All banner ads can link to a local or manufacturer's Web site.

Advertising programs on nrtoday.com are extremely flexible. Programs can run from as short as one day to up to a year. Our advanced ad server can deliver a broad audience or target readers based on geography, time of day or many other reader attributes. This allows advertisements to target the best audience possible. nrtoday.com delivers more than 100,000 page impressions a week.

Unique advertising opportunities are available for the three major advertising categories of real estate, automotive and recruitment. Businesses interested in targeting our online audiences in categories should contact their News-Review advertising representative.

nrtoday.com offers Douglas County's leading online news audience. The following metrics are provided by quantcast.com, an independent site measuring service.

Not only does nrtoday.com garner the largest local news audience, user sessions on site, often referred to as "visits" are also a strong point.

nrtoday.com readers consume a large number of pages per month. The chart below shows the recent trend of activity.

Internally measured metrics are available upon request.

The News-Review's online arsenal includes not only static and flash advertising but also video advertising. Through our MixPo tool we can create for you a video ad allowing your potential customers to actually experience your store, hear your story or be captivated by images of your business. Video advertising has been shown to have a much higher customer clickthrough rate and audience engagement.

Social Media
Let us introduce you to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Google, Yahoo and Bing, or we can create for you a Facebook presence and establish your Social Media identity.

Mobile Advertising
By 2015 more than 40% of all media will be consumed on mobile devices - from smartphones to tablets. Make sure you are a part of this mobile revolution and your advertising reaches this growing sector of the market. The News-Review can help you craft an advertising campaign across multiple delivery channels that achieves results!

The Phone Source
The Phone Source is the number one phone directory book in Douglas County delivered FREE to every household in the county. If you want blanket coverage then The Phone Source is your #1 option.

345 NE Winchester., Roseburg
Phone: (541) 229-2706
Fax: (541) 229-2705

General Manager/Creative Director
Marcy Davis-Maxwell,
Phone: (541) 229-2704
Email: mmaxwell@phonesourceonline.com