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The News-Review
345 N.E. Winchester
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 672-3321

Frequently Accessed Numbers

Customer Service/ Account Activation / Subscription / Login assistance
Phone Number: (541)-957-4244
E-Mail: customerservice@nrtoday.com

Subscriber Services and Circulation
Phone Number: (541) 957-4244
E-Mail: customerservice@nrtoday.com

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General Manager

Tim Smith
General Manager
Phone Number: 541-957-4263
Cell Number: 541-817-5449
E-Mail: tsmith@nrtoday.com

Classified Advertising

Classified Advertising
Phone Number: (541) 957-4200
E-Mail: classifieds@nrtoday.com

Shannon Smith
Classified Supervisor
Phone Number: (541) 957-4234
E-Mail: ssmith@nrtoday.com

Erica Welch
Classified Sales Consultant
Phone Number: (541) 957-4233
E-Mail: ewelch@nrtoday.com

Deirdre Ingwerson
Classified Sales Consultant
Phone Number: (541) 957-4240
E-Mail: dingwerson@nrtoday.com

Joe Bardaville
Classified Sales Consultant
Phone Number: (541) 957-4236
E-Mail: jbardaville@nrtoday.com

Rebecca Stroud
Recruitment Specialist
Phone Number: (541) 957-4235
E-Mail: rstroud@nrtoday.com

Erica Welch
Obituaries & Legals
Phone Number: 541-957-4233
E-Mail: obits@nrtoday.com or legal@nrtoday.com


Shannon Smith
Advertising Director
Phone Number: 541-957-4226
E-Mail: ssmith@nrtoday.com

Amber Hayman
Majors/Nationals Accounts
Phone Number: (541) 957-4259
E-Mail: ahayman@nrtoday.com

T.J. McLean
Advertising Production Manager
Phone Number: (541) 957-4311
E-Mail: tmclean@nrtoday.com

Roger Vogelpohl
Advertising Account Manager
Phone Number: 541-228-4318
E-Mail: rvogelpohl@nrtoday.com

Legal Advertising
Phone Number: (541) 672-3321
E-Mail: legal@nrtoday.com


Craig Reed
Managing Editor
Phone Number: 541-957-4210
E-Mail: creed@nrtoday.com

Carisa Cegavske
Senior Reporter
County government, politics, health
Phone Number: 541-957-4213
E-Mail: ccegavske@nrtoday.com
Twitter: @carisa_cegavske

Troy Brynelson

City of Roseburg, natural resources, arts and entertainment
Phone number: 541-957-4218
Email: tbrynelson@nrtoday.com
Twitter: @TroyWB

Ian Campbell

Public safety, courts, North County
Phone Number: 541-957-4209
E-Mail: icampbell@nrtoday.com
Twitter: @MrCampbell17

Vera Westbrook
Education, South County
Phone Number: 541-957-4216
E-Mail: vwestbrook@nrtoday.com

Emily HoardReporter
Business, Outdoors
Phone Number: 541-957-4217
E-Mail: ehoard@nrtoday.com
Twitter: @hoard_emily

Lacey Ackerman
Community News
Phone Number: 541-957-4212
E-Mail: lackerman@nrtoday.com


Tom Eggers
Sports Editor
Phone Number: 541-957-4220
E-Mail: teggers@nrtoday.com

Alan Fox
Sports Reporter
Phone Number: 541-957-4221
E-Mail: afox@nrtoday.com

Aaron Yost
Sports Reporter
Phone Number: 541-957-4219
E-Mail: ayost@nrtoday.com

Dustin Barneburg
Sports Reporter
Phone Number: 541-957-4212
E-Mail: dbarneburg@nrtoday.com

Business Office

Sam Hollenbeck
Finance Director
Phone Number: 541-957-4222
E-Mail: shollenbeck@nrtoday.com

Suzanne Armstrong
Human Resources Manager
Phone Number: 541-957-4223
E-Mail: sarmstrong@nrtoday.com


Mike Sullivan
Phone Number: (541) 957-4231
E-Mail: msullivan@nrtoday.com

Katie Alaimo
Page designer/Photographer
Phone Number: (541) 957-4204
E-Mail: kalaimo@nrtoday.com

Subscriptions & Circulation

Tiffany Miller
Circulation Director
Phone Number: 541-957-4245
E-Mail: tmiller@nrtoday.com

Subscriptions Help Desk
Customer Service, Collections, Subscriptions
Phone Number: 541-957-4244
E-Mail: customerservice@nrtoday.com


Jesse Kizer
Distribution Department
Phone Number 541-957-4293
e-mail: jkizer@nrtoday.com

Phone Source

Marcy Davis-Maxwell
Phone Source Manager
Phone Number: 541-229-2704
E-Mail: mmaxwell@phonesourceonline.com

Steven Hendersen
Account Manager
Phone Number: 541-229-2706
E-Mail: shenderson@phonesourceonline.com

Phone Source
Fax: 541-229-2705


Rod Carlson
Press Room Manager
Phone Number: 541-957-4292
E-Mail: rcarlson@nrtoday.com