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Editorial: DeFazio’s record makes him the best candidate

October 21, 2014 — 

If nice-sounding sentiments remained the common denominator to choose the right candidate for office in our great republic then elections would probably a lot less controversial. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

American voters are often victim to wide-sweeping proclamations that sound good but offer little substance and, in the end, fail to hold up to the true test of time.

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Letter: Conservative ideology brings Republican endorsement for Douglas County commissioner candidate

October 20, 2014 — 

Boice gets Rep. endorsement

After researching all the candidates in the race for Douglas County commissioner, the Douglas County Republican Executive Committee has voted to endorse the candidacy of Chris Boice.

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Letter: Myrtle Creek veteran couple grateful for care at Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center

October 20, 2014 — 

Excellent care at Roseburg VA

My husband and I are both veterans and have high praise for the Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

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Letter: What is the future with regulated marijuana?

October 20, 2014 — 

Things to be considered

I see many cities and counties are already planning a way to tax “regulated marijuana” when it’s approved. As long as money starts rolling in, I guess we don’t have enough folks getting high (read the Police Log). After all, money is obviously more important than people’s lives.

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Letter: Douglas County commissioner should be an open, fairminded, fiscally responsible candidate

October 20, 2014 — 

Need Leif for commissioner

Gary Leif is someone I have known for more than 20 years. In that time I’ve found Gary to be honest, hard working and a person you could both trust and respect. I look around my home and see the beautiful photos of my family that Gary took over many years. These have special meaning to me; they have preserved special moments of my life.

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Editorial: Both candidates for Roseburg mayor up to the job

October 19, 2014 — 

Every city should have such a problem: Two candidates for mayor who are well qualified for the office and eager to serve their city.

For the second consecutive Roseburg mayoral election, voters will choose between incumbent Mayor Larry Rich and former city Councilor Mike Baker.

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Submit your election letters by Oct. 24

October 19, 2014 — 

Submit your election letters

The News-Review welcomes letters regarding candidates and measures on the Nov. 4 ballot. Our goal is to publish every letter we receive that fits our guidelines prior to the election. In order to do that, election letters must be submitted by Oct. 24. We cannot guarantee that letters submitted after that date will be published before Election Day.

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Letter: Be informed about GMO legislation

October 17, 2014 — 

A closer look at Measure 92

Recently, I found a pamphlet in my mailbox titled “Take a Closer Look at Measure 92.” It presumably landed in a lot of other mailboxes, as well. The pamphlet tries to persuade the reader to vote “no” on Measure 92, which asks legislation to require genetically modified food products to be labeled as such.

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Letter: Douglas County commissioner position may be nonpartisan, but people are not

October 17, 2014 — 

Vote for truth and integrity

Republican Gary Leif, Douglas County commissioner candidate, donates $250 to Democrat Kerry Atherton’s campaign (Orestar reporting). I realize the county commissioner seat is a nonpartisan seat, but the people filling them are not nonpartisan.

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Letter: Douglas County commissioner candidate’s record of community involvement garners voter’s support

October 17, 2014 — 

Back the man, not the party

Some might say I was politically born with a D in the middle of my forehead. Being from West Virginia, there is a grain of truth in that. There is a very important nonpartisan commissioner race on the ballot and I close my eyes to political parties. I support Gary Leif.

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Letter: Call to re-elect DeFazio to Congress

October 17, 2014 — 

DeFazio will fight for us

Although I no longer live and work in Roseburg, I’m pleased to still be able to vote for Congressman Peter DeFazio.

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Editorial: Support for small businesses gives Heard our vote

October 16, 2014 — 

Dallas Heard believes Douglas County’s economic future rests squarely on the vitality of its small businesses.

That’s one of the reasons we give him the nod over Kerry Atherton in the Oregon House District 2 race.

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Letter: Know the duties and functions of a Douglas County commissioner

October 16, 2014 — 

Office needs good judgment

I took the time to look up on the Internet the duties and functions of a county commissioner. After reading this, it was easy for me to see that Chris Boice is my choice for this position. He is a person who cares deeply for the folks in Douglas County. He has the integrity to look at both sides of any issue and fairly represent all views.

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Letter: GMO labeling would reveal more about common foods than many people realize

October 16, 2014 — 

Just follow the money

I am tired of our TV being inundated with lies from the corporate world. If the public only uses their heads, they’d realize that those who spend millions to defeat an issue or someone who’s running for office usually have a personal financial interest, not the interest of you and me.

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Letter: Vote for a candidate who will not be a ‘tax and spend’ Douglas County commissioner

October 16, 2014 — 

Elect Harris for Douglas County

Douglas County needs to get it right when the voters elect the next county commissioner. Getting it right, in my opinion, would be to elect Rita Harris as the newest Douglas County commissioner.

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Letter: Choose a Sutherlin mayor who will represent the best interests of the citizens

October 16, 2014 — 

Vote Cameron for Sutherlin

As a former city of Sutherlin mayor, I have the unique position of recognizing leaders in that area. I have served on several volunteer organizations with Denny Cameron over the last few years. He is a man who puts his all into actions and thoughtfully reasons these actions with research and consultations.

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Guest column: Open ‘broken’ primary measure should be defeated

October 15, 2014 — 

Let’s do something really stupid for Oregon. I mean besides Cover Oregon and the Columbia River Crossing Bridge. Let’s pass Measure 90.

This is the top two primary proposal from two Portland businessmen, James Kelly, a Portland Democrat and Brett Wilcox, another Portland businessman. However, most of their funding comes from Texas billionaire John Arnold to the tune of $500,000 out of the over $1 million raised in 2014. Nothing like local support.

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Letter: Douglas County commissioner: Choose the best candidate

October 15, 2014 — 

He will provide diligent service

I am writing this letter in support of my friend, Mr. Chris Boice, who is running for county commissioner on November 4. I have known Chris for about two years, and have been a customer of his at Big O Tires, as well. Chris’s experience, diligence, and integrity as a successful businessman are characteristics that make him the best candidate for the position of county commissioner.

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Letter: Drop-out parents can’t fix children’s drop-out rate in Douglas County

October 15, 2014 — 

Help needed for the 20 percent

The News-Review’s Sept. 25 editorial on our schools talked about the 20 percent who are absent or late, but it didn’t talk about why.

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Letter: Presenting two perspectives: President Obama

October 15, 2014 — 

Diverse views of Pres. Obama

It is unlikely anyone will ever accuse our young president of tilting at windmills.

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Letter: Election time could do without campaign signs and mud-slinging

October 15, 2014 — 

Vote for ‘none of the above’

Oh, my God, is it that time already? The countryside is littered with those awful campaign signs and when the elections are over, some of those signs remain. In a time of Beautify Oregon, let’s tear down the signs, or fine the committees $100 a day until the signs are gone.

Also, I see the mud-slinging starting, which leads me to declare, “Vote for none of the above.” I have noticed in the past that when it’s all over, it doesn’t even matter who won, because they all disappear at some time.

I used to live in Idaho and on one election year, the people voted in term limits. But showing their true colors, the politicians got together and overturned it. So much for government for the people, by the people. Which again leads me to say, “Vote for none of the above.”

James Tucker


Letter: Re-elect honesty and integrity in Sutherlin mayor’s office

October 15, 2014 — 

Keep Cameron for Sutherlin

As the mayor of Oakland, I have had many occasions to work with Denny Cameron on projects, boards and events. I believe I have never worked with a more concerned and caring leader who wants only the best for Sutherlin and its citizens.

The job of volunteer mayor can be a challenge each day, but in the end, if the city is a better place to live, it is all worth it. Denny has taken on the job of Mayor of Sutherlin in the same manner he takes on any commitment, with the principles and values that guide his life.

Denny is always very thoughtful during discussions and brings issues forward that affect the well-being of an organization or the city, whether positive or negative. He carefully weighs all options presented before making his decisions and stands by those decisions without wavering.

Denny is a strong advocate for volunteerism in the community and spends many hours supporting the civic organizations of Sutherlin by rolling up his sleeves and diving right into activities. I admire his dedication and hard work through all adversities, keeping the welfare of Sutherlin’s citizens in the forefront.

Please give Denny Cameron a vote of confidence and re-elect him mayor of Sutherlin.

Bette Keehley


Letter: Roseburg Forest Products connects with east coast resident

October 15, 2014 — 

‘Still taking care of me’

My daughter Kathleen (Stenbeck) Lewis lives in Riverside, Connecticut, which is right on the Atlantic coast.

The house next door to Kathleen’s was very old and torn down because the owners were rebuilding it. Kathleen was not paying any attention to the building going on, but then she heard a loud bang and looked out the window.

Some lumber had fallen off the delivery truck and had Roseburg Forest Products on the wrapping. Kathleen was so excited and said, “It was Dad letting me know he was still taking care of me.”

He died August 22, and he was Deacon John Stenbeck.

Loretta Stenbeck


Letter: Disabled Douglas County veteran asks the tough questions

October 14, 2014 — 

Vets deserve their benefits

The Department of Political Affairs (known as the Department of Veterans Affairs) has serious problems. It always has and probably always will. Why?

Think about how many years it’s existed, who runs and administers it, decides how it functions and controls its finances? If all their educated clout and money spent hasn’t fixed it by now, wouldn’t that indicate they probably don’t want it fixed?

I believe it’s considered a political perk, a cash cow used for their own advantage. It’s a rallying point, a vote-getter, money for the district, good paying positions for someone, a carrot to be dangled.

So where does that leave veterans and their families? It seems we’re destined to be pawns. We’re given middle-of-the-road priority (until needed). We’re touted, paraded, used, given a tiny bite of the carrot, then must fight for the dignity we deserve and the benefits we were promised.

What did we get for our service? An ongoing government directed action drama, with the good roles given to political actors. It’s re-runs of government cover-ups uncovered, noise made, feigned anger expressed, large sums of money spent. Where did it go? A lot of patriotic sentiments are spouted, the deck shuffled, a scapegoat drawn and shuffled (generally to a better-paying job, or early retirement with generous compensation and benefits). The actors are patted on the back for a job considered well done, then return to living large.

I’m a veteran rated 100 percent disabled, so what’s in this for me? I have an axe to grind. I’ve been grinding it since 1975 and there isn’t much left: benefits promised and earned, better medical and health care, quality of life for all veterans and their families — justice.

The question is, will the system ever be fixed and justice done, or will political theatrics and broken promises prevail?

Pat O’Coffey


Letter: Douglas County veteran is touched that pledging to God and country is not a thing of the past in America

October 14, 2014 — 

Who speaks for you in America?

On Sept. 14, my wife brought to my attention that former President Bill Clinton and his wife were attending a town hall meeting. They opened this meeting, along with some other dignitaries from that state and other parts of the country.

What was special about it was that they all stood and placed their right hands over their hearts, pledging allegiance to our flag, God and country. This brought tears to my eyes and feelings I haven’t felt in some time about what our flag stands for and still means to a vast majority of Americans.

I think all the challenges we face today and the horrible evil faced by the decent and loving people of this world has been feared for many for centuries.

But it can still be stopped if we do things right now with the Almighty in our hearts, choose our finest to lead, and trust our maker. We will be victorious. I’m proud of those who stood at that town hall meeting. They showed there’s still some hope left, just a flicker of light can turn into an almighty power.

May God bless America and every decent man, woman and child..

And all the rest of you better wake up; may our God empower America and unite us all to crush and stamp out every black-hearted psychopath who threatens us. It’s going to take every country with the sand in their bellies. Mostly, we need common sense. We must think very carefully who we place in the position to speak for us. If we make a mistake, learn from it and replace that mistake in a reasonable amount of time, before more harm befalls us all. We must be strong, correct and fair to all.

Randy Jepsen


Letter: Elect a voice of moderation and reason for Roseburg city council

October 14, 2014 — 

Vote Kaser for city’s Ward 4

Roseburg voters in Ward 4 should retain Steve Kaser as their representative on the city council. Steve has lived in Roseburg almost 40 years. He has shown the ability to listen to and work with people of all different kinds of backgrounds. Watch him on the televised Roseburg city council meetings and you can see he is a voice of moderation, cooperation and reason.

Charles Lee


Letter: Douglas County commissioner: a candidate who cares

October 14, 2014 — 

Boice shows that he cares

Chris Boice is a big man with a very tender heart. He cares deeply about people and he lives like it. He has tirelessly supported TNS Boys Ranch over the years, but the most meaningful thing he did was to rescue a 14-year-old boy who had been abandoned by his drug addicted parents. Chris came alongside and made sure he got to school, gave him work around the shop and made sure he had a safe place to stay.

This young man is now 24 years old, married, and owns a very successful business. His personal integrity, work ethic and perseverance mirrors that of his mentor. I have to wonder where he would be today without the help and support of Chris Boice.

Join me in voting for Chris Boice for county commissioner — a man who truly cares. Boice is my Choice!

Dave Grammon


Letter: Executive orders of Obama administration questioned

October 14, 2014 — 

Beware of the current danger

Regarding Obama’s multiple over-reaching tyrannical executive orders, I refer the citizenry to Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote: “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

Tim Juett


Letter: Douglas County commissioner candidate donated time to serve the community

October 14, 2014 — 

Leif supports good causes

Gary Leif would be the best choice for county commissioner because he has been on more than 30 committees, has donated countless hours of his time to good causes, and has been a successful business owner in Sutherlin, Winston and Roseburg.

He has helped save acres of dunes, which is very important to me and other quad riders.

As you can see, Gary Leif is perfectly qualified to be a Douglas County commissioner. I encourage you to vote for him.

Brittany Colwell

Seventh grade


Guest column: Douglas County must pass the test and plan for its future

October 14, 2014 — 

“Douglas County, the timber capital of the world!” is a phrase exclaimed by many a proud Douglas County citizen and not heard near as often these days as in days past. As the timber industry has diminished and times continue to get harder, I wonder if Douglas County, our home, will pass the test. “What test?” you ask. The ultimate test in my opinion, the one so many of us must pass so often in our lives, when we fall on hard times, what happens next? Do we stay down, or do we get up? When we make a mistake, what do we do next? The important part is what happens after that! This is a test that I personally have had to face and passed. I believe that Douglas County will also pass the test. I believe that Douglas County will ascend to the glory of its former success and beyond. I have a plan to help Douglas County pass the test.

Douglas County continues to struggle financially as timber receipts from Oregon & California Railroad forest lands have all but dried up with no certainty of a solution in the future. You see, the county was built upon its ability to utilize this ever so valuable natural, sustainable, and renewable resource and we must continue to fight for our right to do so.

Times have changed in the timber industry; times have changed in the management of the wildlife in our forests. We must manage today’s forest for tomorrow’s needs. I believe in sustained yield ­— putting back what you take. I also believe that by utilizing modern harvest practices we can protect wildlife, create firebreaks and buffers, protect our environment, rivers and streams, all while enhancing our timber growth and harvest. It’s a concept I am confident will work.

Economic diversity in Douglas County will also be a large part of our future success. We need to invest in companies and businesses that are already here and give them the tools they need to expand and grow while investing in infrastructure to attract and draw new industries in manufacturing, technology, health care, education and tourism.

While in the past our county has been financially stable, the reality is clear that we are now being forced to use our limited supply of reserve funds. It is time to pass the test. We must work together to develop financial alternatives to preserve essential services while balancing the budget.

I recognize both the financial position of Douglas County and the people in it. I recognize both the need to reduce expenses at the landfill and the need for some citizens to have it free. I have proposed a plan that will do both. I propose we re-open the dump on Sunday for a nominal fee, for those who are willing to pay for the convenience of using the service on that particular day. This program of expansion and convenience can act as a sounding board for future decisions regarding operation of our landfill; it could also become an income generator and the catalyst for allowing us to keep free dumping in the future.

It does concern me when I hear people say that if we charge for dumping at the dump sites, people will toss their garbage elsewhere. I believe that in most cases if you give a person the opportunity to do right, they will. Keeping the dump available to dump free is possible and I will work diligently to accomplish it.

Douglas County’s retiree base is growing. These are knowledgeable, understanding and experienced people who are full of pride for the communities where many are waiting to be asked to help. I talked to a lady the other day who told me that she didn’t want to retire from her job because she felt no one would need her anymore — well we need her now! Our retirees offer years of experience in the workforce that we, as a county, can capitalize on. That type of help will always be welcome. We must promote and encourage development of county programs that encourage and appreciate everyone’s participation.

Job creation and low unemployment, stellar police and fire protection, safe streets and homes, quality educational and advanced training opportunities, efficient but proven public works department, quality road systems, clean parks and recreational opportunities that supplement our area’s beauty, first rate doctors and medical facilities — those are the dreams of the residents of Douglas County I believe we can make them happen. Working together we will pass the test.

Chris Boice of Myrtle Creek is a local businessman and a candidate for Douglas County commissioner on the November ballot. He can be reached at chris@bigoroseburg.com.

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