Disney+ is a dream come true for the kind of people who think getting their proposal shown on the Jumbotron at a mid-August regular season baseball game is a good idea, and they will use it to define their personalities through 2021.

For everyone else, it is good if you have children and also because of “The Mandalorian,” the latest evidence that Star Wars spinoffs are always better than the main movies.

It is a show about a Boba Fett-looking guy who is a bounty hunter who seems to exist solely to do jobs and level up his armor. He also has a fun laser gun stick that vaporizes things. When faced with human opponents he kills with ease, but he also keeps getting beat up by big animals for some reason. It is set sometime after the Empire falls apart. It has two episodes so far and there has not been a lightsaber sighting.

“The Mandalorian” isn’t the greatest show ever made, but it seems to be pretty good. Especially when compared to the rest of the Star Wars universe, where there is the excellent “Rogue One” alongside like eight terrible movies.

It’s like “Joker” — an objectively fine movie that shines so much brighter than the dreck that is every other superhero film that it has reached cult status in the one month it’s been out.

Anyways, “The Mandalorian” has a lot of good aspects, and also some not-as-good aspects.

It has Werner Herzog in it, which is good because he rules and the press they made him do has allowed us to hear all about how he’s never seen any of the Star Wars movies.

Another good thing is that because it is a show and not a movie, it’s allowed to stretch out the beginning where there’s just a ton of landscape shots and the parameters of the plot haven’t been set yet, which is always the best part.

But the best thing is Baby Yoda, who is apparently 50 years old and is the size of a soccer ball. He floats around in a baby carriage and can use the Force, but he isn’t very good at it yet. He is also the Mandalorian’s friend, or at least he seems to be so far. They met because Baby Yoda was the target of a bounty, and the Mandalorian decided to take him in alive due to the cuteness factor. Hope remains that Baby Yoda will live on.

The biggest not-as-good thing about the show is that it only releases one episode per week. For many shows this would be fine, but since “The Mandalorian” moves so slowly it will definitely get annoying if stuff doesn’t pick up.

And, of course, there’s the fact that it is part of Disney’s attempt to monopolize the streaming industry, just like it monopolized the movie industry, the theme park industry, and especially the making-things-that-are-cute-and-adorable-at-the time-but-extremely-problematic-when-viewed-15-years-later industry.

“The Mandolorian” is good, but allowing corporations to run amok is still bad.

Should you watch? If you like Star Wars no matter what, then yes. If you hate Star Wars no matter what, then no. If you are the type of person who likes Star Wars but gets mad online about things like having a woman as a protagonist, then I don’t care what you do.

Noah Ripley can be reached at nripley@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4205.

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