Weaving reality into fiction, Roseburg author Dianne Kaye has taken years of experience, combined it with research and then molded her facts into her debut novel called “Misled.”

Kaye published this book herself and will be showcasing, signing and reading it at a book launch event scheduled for Saturday at Roseburg’s While Away Books.

A Roseburg resident since 1956, Kaye started writing when she was 15, publishing some poems and short stories. She later earned a masters degree from Oregon State University in counseling and family therapy, which provided experiences for her novel. After returning to Roseburg, she worked in human services with several agencies for 20 years.

“I found my inspiration to write from the many courageous people I met as a youth worker, addictions counselor, family therapist and a special HIV case manager,” Kaye said.

Her story was spun from Kaye’s curiosity about women who chose abusive men and found themselves in unhealthy relationships they could not leave. This led Kaye to research the reasons why. She soon discovered the religious concept of soul-ties that became the core of her story that she began writing seven years ago.

“As soon as I gave the characters some characteristics and motivations, they carried the story away and turned it into a psychological thriller, a spy thriller and a courtroom drama,” Kaye said.

Book reviewer Kirkus Indie called it “a tale of cautionary romance.”

“Misled” is a story about a woman whose real name is Nadine Jaden Hawke, aka character Jade Anne, who finds herself in a dangerous situation after receiving a letter from an old flame, Stephan Peltzini.

In the letter, Peltzini relays to Jade that she is the sole heir of a family fortune in Germany. He then sends Jade to retrieve information about her ancestors.

Ignoring good judgment, Jade is sent onto a spiritual journey where she’s locked in an unhealthy relationship. Her soul is finally saved by an attorney, a private investigator, a psychologist/priest and a courtroom drama.

“Jade is taken on the ride of her life,” Kaye said.

Kaye’s book has received several encouraging literary reviews already, including one from the Clarion Review that stated: “‘Misled’ is an appealing and atmospheric novel about heartbreak and good intentions gone awry that shows it’s better to be slapped by the truth than kissed by a lie.”

Kaye has also been invited to an international conference in Hollywood called Book-to-Screen Pitchfest in November where she’ll spend a weekend at the Beverly Hilton with film and television executives to pitch her book for a screenplay and a feature length film.

Along with 30 other people invited by Author Solutions, Kaye will have two minutes to pitch her story to produces, directors and screen writers.

“I’ve seen this story as a movie since I started it,” Kaye said.

The book will also be exhibited at the global festival called Frankfurt Book Fest in Frankfurt, Germany, on Oct. 18. Several scenes from Kaye’s book were set in Germany, although much of the book takes place in Seattle.

With the experience of writing a book under her belt, Kaye has already begun her new sequel. She plans to continue writing about her main character, Jade Anne, whose courage inspires her readers. Kaye is about four chapters into that book and should be done with it in about a year and a half.

Meet with Dianne Kaye and discuss her first book from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday at While Away Books, 932 W. Harvard Ave., Roseburg, 541-957-1751.

Reporter Vera Westbrook can be reached at 541-957-4216 or vwestbrook@nrtoday.com.

Vera Westbrook is the education, nonprofits, and arts and entertainment reporter for The News-Review. She can be reached at 541-957-4216 or by email at vwestbrook@nrtoday.com.

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