Our manners have plummeted as a society. Parenting strategies and proper life instruction are what is needed to make a global change, but cell phones aren't helping the situation.

Cell phones are not only severing basic every day manners, they are even more so severing relationships. Instead of talking face to face with people, we are obsessing about clicks, likes, posts, and frankly anyone else that comes buzzing through at the moment. 

Author and speaker Simon Sinek says cell phones and social media are highly addictive. He claims that those who check their phone first thing in the morning are addicted.

"You have an entire generation that has access to an addictive, numbing chemical called dopamine through social media and cell phones...," he said while also making the point that just saying, "I won't check my phone," isn't enough. Our will power isn't strong enough. In most cases, we need to remove the phone like one would remove alcohol if they struggled with the substance.

"If you don't have your phone, you just kind of enjoy the world..." THIS VIDEO of his is so worth the the watch.

Somehow we've just become so rude when it comes to cell phones and it is justified because everyone else does it.

I've left my house a number of times to realize that I forgot my phone. It almost feels like I've left a child back at home. That is not a good sign. It is hard to just look out the window without wanting to sit and scroll.

Perhaps you are the small percentage that isn't addicted to their phone, such as my husband or anyone over the age of 50. Everyone else, admit you have a problem and read below.

Here is a list of cell phone manners and usage guidelines.

1. Do not talk to other people when you are on the phone. If you have to, ask the person to hold or tell them you'll call them back.

2. Do not text message to get out of face-to-face confrontation. We're not robots. We're people. 

3. Do not text message serious conversations.

4. Do not text message multiple pages. If it is that much to talk about, call the person. Or even better, go have coffee with the person.

5. Do not have your cell phone out at meals, meetings or anything that involves real-life people. This includes just having it out on the table (face up or face down, doesn't matter). If you are expecting an important call, let the others know. Having your phone out at meetings or dinner says to the person(s) you are with that they are not important.

6. Try to let your children engage in real-life conversations instead of being on a phone playing games or watching movies. This includes in a restaurant. Teach them how to act and how to talk in a restaurant instead of trying to entertain them.

7. Unless you have to (say on-call at work), don't keep your phone by your bed at night. This will take away the urge to be on the phone before bed and first thing in the morning. Or in the middle of the night when you hear it ding and can't resist checking who it was.

8. Don't bring your phone if you don't have to. If you are going to be with those who are most important to you, leave it at home or at least in the car.

9. Don't use your phone in a restaurant. Just stop it.

10. Don't be on your phone in a drive thru - bank, Starbucks, fast food - doesn't matter. I can't believe we have gotten to the point where there are even signs up that say, "please remain off your cell phone."

11. Put the phone on silent, not vibrate. Vibrate is basically the same as the obnoxious ring tone you have. Everyone can still hear it and is totally distracted by your half-hearted attempt to be polite.

12. If you are in a conversation and your phone beeps, don't check it. (Get out of jail free card: kids with a babysitter or again, you've made it clear with the person(s) that you're expecting an important call).

13. Ask permission to take a call if you are with people and step out of the room.

14. If you take a photo with others, ask them their permission before posting it on social media, especially if it involves children. You need to ask the parents of those children.

15. When you enter a room, don't be on a the phone.

16. When someone enters your room, get off the phone.

17. In public, don't talk about personal topics on the cell phone where others can hear you - especially topics that include other people.

18. Don't be on your phone or have your phone light up in a dark theater/room. Even if you are bored at your niece's dance recital, turn it off. Stop playing Candy Crush. The light itself is so distracting to others.

19. Don't text anything you wouldn't want the world to know. This includes inappropriate photos or gossip.

20. Don't look at your phone and walk (and the obvious, don't text and drive). Both cause accidents. Look up. Pay attention.

21. Establish phone-free times and places at home that the whole family follows.

22. Enjoy the moment and quit taking photos or videos. You're missing the whole thing since you're so obsessed with sharing it with everyone else.

23. Don't use your phone in the bathroom, especially when you are going to the bathroom.

24. Talk quietly if you are using your phone in public. Do not use your speaker phone in public. This includes family: if your daughter calls, don't stick her on speaker phone to say "hi" to the whole room of people you are with and keep her on speaker. She called you - not anyone else. And NO ONE can ever hear on speaker phone when there are other people.

25. Be mindful of photos you post. A photo of your cute kids for your friends and family to see is acceptable. But continual photos of your brand new car, gorgeous, huge house or bikini body for the most part just fuels envy. These are your friends, do you really want to make them jealous? Try humility instead. And if you follow people who post photos like this, hide them from your feed. It could be making you more discontent with your own life than you even realize.

26. Selfies. Limit yourself people. 

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