BEN IRVING RESERVOIR — Ben Irving has been stocked several times with legal-size trout. There are still opportunities to catch carryover fish, as well.

COOPER CREEK RESERVOIR — Cooper Creek was recently stocked with several hundred trophy-size trout and has received several deliveries of legal-size trout. Fishing for bass and bluegill will improve with increasing temperatures.

DIAMOND LAKE — As part of the 2016 regulation simplification process, Diamond Lake is now back to the Southwest Zone regulation of 5 rainbow trout per day. Anglers that are planning on taking a trip to Diamond Lake should check with the Umpqua National Forest (541-498-2531) for information on seasonal camp and ramp closures. Anglers can check fishing and water conditions at Diamond Lake on the Diamond Lake Resort website, or call their toll free number at 1-800-733-7593, ext. 5 for updates. Diamond Lake is open year-round. There are plenty of legal-sized holdover trout currently in the lake from previous years’ stockings, and there have been reports of anglers catching trout through the ice. Diamond Lake was stocked with tiger trout in early June. These fish are intended to assist in controlling illegally introduced tui chub. Tiger trout are catch-and-release only and need to be released immediately and unharmed if caught.

GALESVILLE RESERVOIR — Galesville has been stocked several times in 2017 with legal-size trout and with over 50 trophy-size trout. In addition to trout, the reservoir has been stocked with coho smolts and there have been reports of them being caught in good numbers on the lake. Many people mistakenly think these fish are kokanee. The coho smolts should be adipose fin-clipped, and please remember to release the ones less than 8-inches long. In Galesville Reservoir, all landlocked salmon are considered trout and are part of the five-per-day trout limit, with only one trout over 20-inches long allowed for harvest.Fishing for bass and other panfish will improve with increasing temperatures. Call 541-837-3302 for information on camping and boat launching conditions.

HEMLOCK LAKE & LAKE IN THE WOODS — Anglers fishing the high lakes in the Umpqua District are encouraged to e-mail fishing reports. Contact the Forest Service at 541-496-3532 for road conditions. The lakes are likely inaccessible due to snow. Hemlock Lake and Lake in the Woods were scheduled to be stocked this week with rainbow trout, but the lakes may be inaccessible. There are opportunities to catch holdover rainbow trout that were stocked in previous years.

HOWARD PRAIRIE RESERVOIR — The ice is gone and the lake is 96 percent full. The Willow Point boat ramp is now open. Fishing has been slow with few big fish showing up in the catch. Try using a threaded nightcrawler under a bobber or Powerbait fished off the bottom.

LAKE MARIE — Lake Marie has been stocked twice this year with legal-size trout. Most anglers use PowerBait or worms to catch trout and yellow perch.

LEMOLO RESERVOIR — The reservoir may be difficult to access due to snow conditions. Contact Lemolo Lake Resort at 541-957-8354 for weather/road conditions and additional information. The reservoir was stocked with 4,500 rainbow trout in 2016. There are also excellent opportunities to catch large brown trout. Lemolo is scheduled to be stocked with rainbow trout in early April, but will likely be delayed due to access. Kokanee in Lemolo are considered trout and therefore fall under the daily limit for trout of five per day with only one of those measuring over 20-inches.

LOON LAKE — Loon Lake has been stocked several times in 2017 with legal-sized trout. Fishing for crappie, bluegill and bass will improve with increasing temperatures, but there are still opportunities to catch these fish with slower presentations such as jigging. Visit the BLM and Loon Lake Resort websites for information on opening dates and camping.

PACIFIC OCEAN AND BEACHES — Recreational crabbing is open along the entire Oregon coast. Bottom fishing has been good when the ocean conditions allow. Fishing for bottom fish is now restricted to inside the 30-fathom curve. A few black rockfish have been seen feeding on/near the surface recently. Recreational harvest of razor clams is CLOSED on the entire Oregon coast due to elevated levels of domoic acid. The recreational harvesting of mussels is OPEN along the entire Oregon Coast from the Columbia River to the California border. Before any shellfish harvest trip, make sure to check the Oregon Department of Agriculture website for any updates. Surf perch fishing has been good when ocean swells are small. Surf perch anglers will do the best fishing with sand shrimp or Berkely Gulp sand worms.

PLAT I RESERVOIR — Plat I has been stocked several this year with legal-size trout. In addition to trout fishing, the lake also has good bass fishing. Anglers may have success catching trout and bass with bait such as PowerBait and nightcrawlers where access is available. Some of the trout may have copepods which are tiny parasites on their bodies and gills. These are not harmful to humans, but the lesions can be removed and the meat should be thoroughly cooked.

TOKETEE LAKE — Fishing is open in Toketee year-round, but weather conditions may prevent access. For more information call the U.S. Forest Service at 541-498-2531.

UMPQUA HIGH LAKES AND FOREBAYS — Lakes accessible from hiking trails and that were recently stocked are: Calamut, Connie, Bullpup, Fuller, Cliff, Buckeye, Maidu, Twin “b”, Pitt lake and Skookum. Anglers fishing the high lakes in the Umpqua District are encouraged to e-mail fishing reports. Contact the Forest Service at 541-496-3532 for road conditions as many lakes are likely difficult to access due to snow. Red Top Pond, which offers excellent bank fishing opportunities, was stocked with 1,500 legal size plus rainbow trout in 2016. In addition, there should be plenty of holdover legal-sized trout from previous stockings in these waterbodies. Anglers fishing the high lakes in the Umpqua District are encouraged to e-mail fishing reports.

UMPQUA RIVER, MAINSTEM — The mainstem Umpqua is closed to wild steelhead harvest but remains open year-round for adipose fin-clipped steelhead. The mainstem has been low but it looks like it will be high for the weekend. Late winter steelhead should be decent with dropping river levels, with “plunking” being a good strategy. Spring Chinook season is in full swing with regular reports of anglers catching fish throughout the main. On the Main, anglers can harvest 2 wild spring Chinook per day and up to 5 wild springers from Feb. 1 – June 30. From July 1– Dec. 31, you can harvest 2 wild Chinook per day, and in combination with the other salmon/ steelhead recorded on your salmon tag, up to 20 fish total. Fin-clipped hatchery fish can be recorded on a separate hatchery harvest tag that is available. There is no limit on the number of hatchery tags that can be purchased. Daily limits still apply.

UMPQUA RIVER, NORTH — Winter steelhead are being caught in the North when the river is in shape. Watch the river gauges (North Umpqua River water levels at Winchester Dam) as water levels have been chronically high this year. Fish can still be caught at higher water levels especially if water clarity is decent, and there have been reports of steelhead being caught during the recent higher water levels. Note that from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 through June 30, fishing in the fly water area is restricted to fly fishing only with a single barbless fly. Per the new regulation, from Feb. 1 – June 30, two wild Chinook per day can be harvested. Ten wild Chinook may be harvested in the North during this time frame in aggregate with wild Chinook harvested in the Main.

UMPQUA RIVER, SOUTH — The South Umpqua opened to winter steelhead fishing on Dec. 1 upstream to Jackson Creek. Only adipose fin-clipped steelhead may be retained. Anglers are still hooking into a few hatchery fish. Pay attention to river gages for the South as it has been high and unfishable a large portion of the time this season. The South Umpqua will likely be a little high for most anglers this weekend.

WILLOW LAKE — The lake is full, and will be stocked again this week with another 4,000 legal-sized trout. It was also stocked last fall with pound-sized rainbow trout. With its lower elevation, Willow Lake can be a great destination for anglers in the early spring. The paved ramp is open.

WINCHESTER BAY — Fishing for bottom fish in the Triangle and South jetty has been successful.

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