Growing up, there was no lack of church potlucks and family gatherings where all manner of recipes were shared. Lined up on those tables were a plethora of dishes ranging from sweet to savory, including new creations and the old standards as well.

I remember lining up with my cousins, excited to taste Aunt Patsy’s cheeseball and crackers or Mrs. Johnson’s barbecued little smokies. There were always so many choices, but you could guarantee that there was going to be at least one or two Jell-O salads.

Even these ranged in flavor and texture. Maybe one would be the traditional gelatin and fruit mold or the ever-popular (insert flavor) Jell-O and cottage cheese salad. There might even have been a few from the pudding category offered, such as the popular pistachio salad.

My favorite of all was the Lime Jell-O Salad my mother made. It was a creamy mixture of lime gelatin, fruit, and cream cheese. Often, and to my deep disappointment, I confused it with the aforementioned pistachio salad, of which I was not a fan.

Sadly, the potlucks I recall from my childhood may be a thing of the past, as new activities replace the old, but we still have chances to get together with friends and family.

With St. Patrick’s Day close at hand, a little green Jell-O salad might be just the thing to add to your dinner table this year.

Many Jell-O salad recipes include a mixture of fruit, gelatin and cottage cheese. This recipe is a bit different. It may take a little longer, since melting cream cheese and marshmallows takes time, but the end result is definitely worth it.

I’ve made it with and without the pecans (another Southern favorite) depending on who I am serving it to. You might even want to try your favorite nut in place of mine.

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