Working outside the home, I find myself on tight schedules in the morning. I, as well as my daughter, seem to have just enough time to get ready and rush out the door to school each day.

Because of this, many workday/school day lunches consist of the quick freezer meal or maybe a banana and some peanut butter.

On a physical level, I realize that this is not really the best plan. It doesn’t fill us enough to make it through the rest of day at school. And emotionally, I get discouraged about the lack of inspiration in my lunch box. When you are trying to choose a healthier lifestyle, it’s all about being imaginative and making it fun.

Anything prepackaged is obviously the easiest choice, but it isn’t always the most appetizing or the most healthful.

This recipe is a great make-ahead meal for those days I can’t get my act together early enough to do something else. And who would want to, with all the yummy flavors packed together in the bowl?

Many restaurants have begun to serve a bowl option. Some even specialize in bowl fare. While visiting these restaurants is fun on occasion, it’s not practical for the everyday lunch plan, nor is it wise — in most cases — when you are watching calorie intake.

This recipe is designed to be split into four equal portions or smaller ones if that’s more your style. That’s almost a whole school week of lunches for one person. It would also be a great dinner for your family.

You may choose to add or delete a few ingredients to make it more personalized. My daughter is not a huge fan of a lot of onions and peppers, so she chooses less of that and more beans. It’s all about personal preference!


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