Several Douglas County 4-H and Family Community Health employees are recognized for their outstanding commitment to excellence at the 2017 4-H & FCH Spring Conference for their contributions to their programs through Oregon State University Extension. Either peers in Extension nominated individual candidates, or the employees submitted applications for review by a panel of peers.

Kathy Bates, SNAP-Ed received the FCH Newer Education Program Assistant Award for Oregon. She is recognized for her outstanding leadership among peers, creative and innovative approach to teaching, willingness to accept new or extra activities and for doing an exceptional job of balancing a tremendous workload and always having a positive attitude.

Mandy Hatfield, Instructor received the FCH Community Partnership Award for Oregon. Oregon State University Extension Service has collaborated with Mercy Foundation Healthy Kid Outreach program to help Douglas County kids be their very best, happy, healthy and productive citizens for the future.

Teresa Middleton, 4-H Coordinator received the 4-H Search for Excellence in Teen Programming Award for Oregon. This award is in recognition for outstanding programs conducted for and with teens to strengthen the commitment to programs with teen audiences. Teresa’s work with the Douglas County Teen Leadership Team to provide leadership opportunities for youth in 4-H, as well as provide significant contributions to the community through citizenship, leadership and community service outreach.

Laurie Michaels, 4-H Education Program Assistant received the 4-H Personal Column Award for Oregon. The focus of the published series of articles was Positive Youth Development, helping readers to understand and re-imagine that 4-H has more to offer than the normal reference point of raising animals.

Much of the work we do every day depends on us being able to communicate effectively with our peers to help us get our jobs done, and so many times, we do not get to share with our community just how amazing our employees really are, and the amount of energy they bring to the OSU Extension Service. Applause is not what we seek when we do our jobs, but these folks have all shown outstanding performance in their work, and I am delighted to congratulate them on a job well done!

Laurie Michaels is the 4-H Education Program Assistant for OSU Extension Service of Douglas County. If you have questions regarding this article, contact Laurie at 541-236-3042 or send e-mail to

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