St. Lucia, West Indies

A stunning view of St. Lucia, West Indies, a popular Mother's Day getaway in the eastern Caribbean.

Anytime is a great time to treat your mother or the mother of your children to a relaxing getaway, but Mother’s Day is a perfect reason to give her the gift of travel.

Whether mom’s ideal vacation involves relaxing with her mate in a romantic tropical paradise or embarking on a trip to a unique and adventurous locale with her children, here are some international destinations that will make for unforgettable memories.

The island of St. Lucia is a vibrant gem, often called the Hawaii of the Caribbean. It offers vacationers unspoiled wilderness, picture-perfect beaches and volcanic mountains draped in green set against an amazing blue sky. You’ll find many beautiful resorts to choose from that will give you an opportunity to enjoy the view from the region’s most spectacular overwater bungalows.

The Dominican Republic is another terrific Caribbean destination. It’s one of the region’s most ecologically diverse islands, with stunning desert scrubland, lush rainforest and Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s tallest mountain. You’ll also find golden beaches dotted with coconut palms and beautiful examples of colonial architecture.

Greece is a perfect spot for couples that want to island hop while viewing some of the Mediterranean’s most romantic vistas.

Among the pleasures of the Greek Isles are the quaint beaches on the rugged island of Mykonos and the picturesque cliffs, hilltop villages and black-sand beaches of spectacular Santorini.

For a more far-flung tropical destination, consider a trip to Fiji. The island chain in the South Pacific offers balmy breezes, swaying palm trees and romantic adults-only resorts.

Mom can take an excursion to the Fiji Rejuvenation Center for a full-body massage, or spend a day fishing for marlin or snorkeling among the coral reefs. A swim under a waterfall or relaxing in the thermal springs and mud pools of the Sabeto Valley is a perfect cap to the day.

If mom has Asia on her bucket list, consider a vacation in Thailand. It’s an astounding land of contrasts, where ancient temples coexist with modern skyscrapers. She can spend a few days in the capital, Bangkok, and take an intimate boat ride through the bustling canals that give the city the nickname “Venice of the East.” She will not want to miss Wat Phra Kaew, regarded as the country’s most sacred Buddhist temple, which houses the Emerald Buddha.

Give adventurous moms a truly unique experience: A cruise to Antarctica.

It’s a chance to visit one of the world’s last untouched places and its remoteness means she’ll be one of the relatively few who have ever visited. It’s also a chance to see a waddle of penguins sliding from bobbing icebergs and whales breaching the icy seas and hear the thunderous boom of mighty glaciers as huge chunks break off and crash into the ocean.

Patagonia, at the base of South America, spanning parts of Argentina and Chile, is another adventurous destination.

El Calafate, in Argentina, is home to the massive and ever-shifting Perito Moreno Glacier. Marvel at the jagged peaks, glistening green waters and powerful waterfalls within Chile’s Torres Del Paine National Park.

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