There's this children's story by a popular Christian author that has become a core story in the life of our family and I believe many of us parents can learn just as much as the littles in our lives do from it.

The Douglas County Moms team is passionate about bringing together our community of moms. We are a village and need not only time to recharge, but good friends alongside of us.

I grew up in a home with a very talented mother who was great at a lot of things, but especially when it came to sewing and creating. For some reason, sadly that gene seemed to skip me.

I can’t remember exactly when I first came across this recipe, but I know it was in the early days of being married. I know that because my husband and I spent the first few months of married life living with my new in-laws and I was terrified of cooking for them.

Merry Christmas! Yes, the big day is still weeks away, but this much-coveted recipe is my gift to you. Friends have been pleading with me to share it for several years, but I had never gotten around to scaling my Whole Grain Pecan Sticky Buns recipe down to a reasonable size (You probably don't need five dozen!) and converting it from weigh…

Here's a list of the photography talent within our community. If you would like to be added to the directory, please e-mail

Anymore writing a weekly wrap makes me feel like garbage because what the media says is news is really just hyped up drama (Chip and Joanna Gaines go to a church that thinks homosexuality is a sin? SHOCKING! Liberals disapprove of some of Trumps nominations? SAY IT AIN’T SO!)

When I was caring for an infant I would say to myself in an ominous tone, like God had spoken it, "This too shall pass."

I take pride in being a stay at home mom. I knew even when I was little, I wanted to be the one taking care of them all through out the day. I whole heartily throw my life into giving them a good day, and then get hit with a 5-year-old fighting me on everything and a 2-year-old who won't stop plunging the toilet.

This year was my husband’s and my first year hosting the family for the holiday. Earlier this year, my husband shot a 12-pound turkey for us to feast on. Now, not only was this our first year hosting Thanksgiving, it was the first time I had the honor of cooking a turkey, and a wild turkey at that.

Y’all, Christmas is only five Sundays away. Usually this fact would overwhelm me and my OCD Christmas gift list making would slam into overdrive but this year, my family is having a slightly non-traditional holiday which means my husband and I won’t be exchanging gifts.

Here's a list of some holiday events happening in your area:

In the year 1621, the Plymouth colonists sat down to their first meal with the Wampanoag Indians. While the two groups had major differences, they had something in common that day — a bountiful harvest to be thankful for.

While I am writing this my three youngest children are watching Ichabod Crane on the TV. In our home, it’s not officially fall until we’ve watched Disney’s version of Sleepy Hallow, hearing Bing Crosby tell us the story of the “itinerant school master.”

I can feel it. I can sense it. That time of year is upon us once again. It is the time of year when everything begins to move more quickly.

I noticed it when I was just a girl — my mom had a way of making others feel comfortable. She welcomed guests in our home without hesitation. Those who needed a place to stay or just an afternoon meal found their way to our home.

The News-Review's Douglas County Mom team is looking for nominations for their second annual Mom-to-Mom Christmas sponsorship.

The Umpqua Valley Festival of Lights kicks off this Sunday, Nov. 20 and is the Year of the Laser Light Show. The festival has been mentioned as a top “must-see” event by Northwest Travel Magazine and The Oregonian/OregonLive.

After chatting with a new friend the other day about the complications of Christmas shopping and the whirlwind that has already begun to swirl around in it's beginning stages, I shared with her my method-of-operation for Christmas gifts and shopping.

Here's a list of the photography talent within our community. If you would like to be added to the directory, please e-mail

Back in July I made a vow to myself to get healthy. The first three months were mostly dedicated to just nutritional changes, so I’ve been learning quite a bit about what my body needs and that has lead me to trying new things.