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February 3, 2014
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Guest Blog: Did you burn the cookies, again? | Moms

“Beep, beep, beep!!” At last! They are done.

The oven-warmed sweet aroma circulates your senses creating a slight sensation of what heaven might feel like.

Your mouth waters as you think of the blend of perfection that will become one with your taste buds in only a matter of seconds. It's euphoric.

And then – disappointment. Blackened hard globs which look nothing like what Pioneer Women had featured on last Thursday’s recipe blog post.


Silently smoking, devouring the once fragrant scent of confection.


And your spirit sinks as you dump the last few hours of work into the trash, and all you can think is that you may never get it right.

I didn't actually burn the cookies today, at least not literally, but I do destroy something daily. I under-cook the chicken or overcook the rice or over-salt the beans. I overdo it with my words or under estimate the value of something someone said.

I try too hard when I shouldn't and don't try at all when I should.

It is a daily battle of under and over and burning and breaking and constantly missing the mark.

Of drastically failing at life and allowing my spirit to be crushed beneath the power of the enemy.

The power which has no hold on me, yet I quietly lie down in defeat and let him walk on me as though I have no choice.

You will, I will, forever fall short. It's inevitable, but we don't have to carry the weight of disappointment because Jesus wants to hold it for us.

He is behind you in the kitchen as you pull the rock-hard inedible cookies that your dog won't even eat out of the oven, and His heart aches for your feeling of worthlessness. While His hands are stretched out to you patiently waiting for the moment you turn around.

You might only be sort of good at some things, but not really great at anything – like a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Maybe you don't know what you are good at, maybe you keep failing and are afraid to get up and try something else.

We are all on different paths of life yet I think we can relate to one another in more ways than we realize.

I know I'm not a master chef or a professional seamstress or an author or comedian, and I do burn the cookies more often than I wish, but I am learning to walk as the person He created me to be – even if it means failing every once and awhile.

I try too hard when I shouldn\'t and don\'t try at all when I should.

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