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February 9, 2014
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50 natural highs for moms | Moms

During the era of chain e-mails, I received a forward of “Natural Highs.” I was in high school and for whatever reason the list resonated with me.

I even printed it off and had it hanging in my room at one time.

It included things like the feeling when you take your hair down from a ponytail, singing in the shower and dancing in the rain.

I think one of the reasons that I liked it so much was because it highlighted the joy that can be found in everyday things.

I have discovered that being a mom comes along with its own list of natural highs.

There are hundreds of little everyday joys to be had if you stop to notice them.

Here are a few I could think of. Feel free to comment and add your own to the list!

1. A shower

2. A nap

3. Discovering a frozen meal in the freezer

4. Discovering that you (and the kids) slept through the night

5. Free babysitters

6. Hearing your children repeat something you taught them

7. Hearing little ones sing

8. Seeing pure joy or excitement in your children

9. Discovering a friend has been going through exactly what you have with your children

10. Discovering that you are not alone

11. Seeing discipline work

12. Getting to browse instead of having to shop on a mission

13. Going to the grocery store alone

14. Watching your children do something kind

15. Teaching your kids something new

16. Watching your kids open presents

17. Taking your children somewhere fun for the first time (like the zoo, the park or camping)

18. Hearing little voices say “I love you”

19. Baby hugs

20. Baby kisses

21. Cuddles

22. A clean car

23. The feeling when your head finally hits the pillow after an exhausting day

24. Funny kid quotes

25. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with a job well done

26. The feeling of accomplishment after juggling a busy schedule

27. Getting glimpses of the world through children’s eyes

28. Having an excuse to play like a kid again (jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and seek, going down water slides)

29. Watching your kids eat (and actually like) something good for them

30. Family vacations

31. The hugs, kisses, and excitement when you come home after being somewhere without the kids

32. Watching the kids welcome their dad home from work

33. Easter egg hunts

34. Play dates

35. Watching your kids watch a new movie or cartoon

36. Gifts from your children

37. Watching your children do something that makes them feel vibrant and alive

38. Watching your own favorite TV show without distractions

39. Quiet time, anytime, anywhere

40. Seeing your friends enjoying talking to or interacting with your children

41. Having something in common with people you barely know (i.e. children)

42. Laughing at the mischief your kids can get into

43. Discovering that your child is, finally, potty trained

44. Watching your kids play with animals

45. Seeing siblings caring for or enjoying one another (even if it is rare)

46. When kids graduate from the heavy, bulky infant car seats

47. The day (which we are still looking forward to) when the kids don’t have to use car seats at all

48. When the kids fall asleep in the car and you have an excuse to drive around and get a cup of coffee or a car wash or a treat to keep them from waking up

49. Every single “first” for your children. (OK, maybe not the first time they ate dog food or spit up all over you)

50. Knowing that, at least for a time, you are your child’s favorite person in the entire world

43. Discovering that your child is, finally, potty trained

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