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Destiny Molatore | moms@nrtoday.com

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February 16, 2014
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You are a work in progress | Moms

My daily motto is often, “Just keep doing something.”

I’m the type of person who prefers to do things from start to finish, but with children running around, that is impossible.

So I just keep doing something. Things get done, but in bits and pieces and in completely random order when time and children allow.

Everything in my house, and in my life, appears to be in a constant state of work in progress.

I’m caring for kids, cleaning and cooking therefore for most of the day, you can’t see any results.

There would be laundry in the washer and dryer, some half folded on the couch, some folded on the stairs waiting to be carried up to the bedrooms.

The dishwasher may be unloaded while the counters are covered with half prepped, and half eaten, meals.

The constant state of work in progress kind of drives me crazy. I want to see results of all the hard work I’ve done, but most of the day I live in the midst of the mayhem until at some point, if I’m lucky, everything comes together for a brief moment before the next wave of messes begins.

It occurs to me that, like my house, my children are also a work in progress.

Sometimes their unfinished state drives me to frustration.

Why can’t you just listen?

Why don’t you just obey?

Why do you have to make one more mess?

Why do you have to intentionally push my buttons?

Sometimes it is hard to extend grace. I am a work in progress too.

Why can’t I just be patient?

Why can’t I just give grace?

Why do I let my children push my buttons?

When am I going to learn to take it all in stride?

When I look at my house, I have a vision of what I want it to be—clean, for starters, and filled with pretty little touches that bring warmth and beauty to my home.

Whatever state my house is in, I can see its potential and the beauty underneath.

As much as I am sometimes frustrated by my children’s lack of refinement, I can also see glimpses of who they were created to be, the beautiful little people hiding behind the chaos and the mess.

I see the little boy with the adventurous spirit who is independent, loving, curious, joyful and industrious.

I begin to see my daughter’s contentment, her ability to go with the flow, her sweet and sometimes dramatic personality.

Even if and when other people don’t see the beauty in my loveable little works in progress, I do.

That’s part of what it means to be a mother—to begin to see the people your children were created to be and to pray and help guide them during the refinement process.

I recently read a great blog titled: “I feel like a mean mom.”

It reminds moms that God intended us to raise children in the midst of our own refinement.

Our children aren’t born when we are old and wise and have things figured out, but when we are young and have much to learn.

Yet God can use us in the lives of our children even as we are learning and growing.

He knew that we would not start out as perfectly wise parents, but he can see the people we were created to be, the mothers we are becoming, and he sees our progress even in the midst of our failures.

When I am working from home and tell myself to just keep doing something, I can say the same for motherhood.

Just keep going. Keep learning. Keep being a work in progress.

Just keep going. Keep learning.

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