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Destiny Molatore | moms@nrtoday.com

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April 20, 2014
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Easter from a parent's perspective | Moms

Since this is Easter Sunday, I thought I would share what Easter means for me as a mom.

I was driving home the other day, thinking about the news and all that is going on in the world.

The news lately has been filled with heartbreaking stories and the geopolitical landscape has been turbulent.

I was filled with a sense of concern for my children, for their future and the world that we will leave them with.

When I think of my children’s futures, one of my greatest concerns is for their freedom.

I hope that they do not have to experience war, oppression or tragedy. I cannot stand the thought of them suffering.

I don’t mean to sound all gloom and doom, but I think about this often, knowing that I cannot control the circumstances my children will face and also knowing that God does allow suffering on earth.

My heart aches to think of any harm coming to my children and I ask God to please save them from that.

I ask him how he can stand it. If the people who believe in him are his children, as the Bible says, then how can he stand to see them suffer, especially since he has the power to change the circumstances?

And then I began to see Easter from a parent’s perspective. From the perspective of a Father who watched his son suffer and die.

God understands our suffering. He allowed his very own Son to suffer more than any of us ever will.

He suffered physical pain, tormenting, torture and death.

Worse than that he experienced separation from God—something God has promised never to do to those who put their faith in him.

Why did he do that? Why did he put his own Son through the worst suffering imaginable, on purpose?

Believe it or not, he did it to end our suffering, to give us hope and rescue us from a dying world.

He did it for you, for me, and for our children.

Because Jesus suffered, died and rose again, we can turn to him for forgiveness of our sins and access to God.

We are rescued from our own sin and death.

Because Jesus died and rose again, God is near to us in our suffering and will one day bring us to a place where there will be no more sorrow.

When people experience suffering and turn to God, they feel his presence more than ever before.

One of my best friends from grade school lost her 5-month-old son to a heart problem.

She aches and she suffers. She has not hidden her pain.

Her blog expresses her very raw and real emotions and the trial of faith that she has experienced. However, through it all, God has been near to her and she still calls him good.

My prayer for my children has changed.

In this world they will have trouble. They will experience pain and heartache. They may experience suffering.

But because of Easter, because Jesus died and rose again, they can experience joy and peace, no matter the circumstances.

I pray that they will know God and that he will be near them and help them through whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

I am thankful that every one of us has the opportunity to look to the future and see, not gloom and doom, but hope and peace.

God understands our suffering.

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