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April 26, 2014
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Make it a better weekend | Moms

This weekend, I hope you have a moment to sit.

If your week was hectic and every night you welcomed the pillow with exhausted joy, I hope today and tomorrow will refresh you.

I hope there’s room next to you or in your lap for a child – tiny or teenage.

I hope you get to do that thing you’ve been looking forward to, with the people you long to be with, in the time that you have together.

There aren’t always opportunities to be with the ones you love – there are distances that separate and time that marches on mercilessly; but maybe, I hope, this weekend will be a pause button for you.

If there are interruptions to your plans I hope they’re good ones.

If not, I hope you have the resources to deal with them and that always, every day of the week, you are able to look up and see Help.

Realize that you see only a small portion of the bigger picture, but God wants to bring us closer to Himself through interruptions.

Go slow enough to bake something from scratch this weekend, like Memorie’s Cinnamon Rolls. Or, buy cinnamon rolls in a tube and pretend they’re from scratch because chances are the people who eat them with you won’t care.

Make something special, make it thoughtful, but don’t make it a burden.

Go fast enough to realize that these moments need captured, and take your camera (a real, not-a-phone, honest-to-goodness, can’t-post-to-Instagram-or-Facebook camera).

Take pictures of the people you love, the ones who are changing daily.

Take pictures of the places you go together or the places you go for them – to work, to school, to the grocery store.

Take pictures because you’ll need to remember these days.

Sleep in. Watch a sunset. Watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Do your chores together, and break up your weekend-work with some play.

Remember that God gave you seasons and cycles and days of rest because all work and no play makes you dull, makes your children dull, makes everyone cranky and tired.

So work hard, but play hard, too.

Don’t be disappointed this weekend. If your time to play or rest is only 10 minutes, use it well and don’t waste it complaining.

Crawl into bed with your child. Look them in the eyes and listen.

Pray together about their worries and concerns, and know that 10 minutes of listening can wipe out the whole week’s worth of nagging and all the times you were too tired for a game of cards or baking cookies together.

Be the mom you are this weekend, and don’t look at anyone else’s plans or projects or accomplishments.

Don’t look at all your failures. Don’t compare your life now with what you hope your life will be someday.

Be thankful for all the bits and pieces of life you have at this moment, and be responsible for loving your people well.

I hope motherhood refreshes you this weekend.

I hope you feel the joy, rather than the weight, of it.

I hope you seize the opportunities to do small things well, to put off waiting for more time or money or energy to make things special, and the chance to connect with the hearts of your children – whatever their ages.

Be thankful for all the bits and pieces of life you have at this moment

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