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May 20, 2014
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How to be still in the storm | Moms

For those of us that have children still at home there is a time of day that I like to call “the calm after the storm.”

We have finished with the flurry of the night time routine of baths, getting school clothes ready, lunches prepared, stories read, binkies found and finally all our kids are tucked up safely in their beds.

It is the time of day when I can start to shut down the house before I can go relax a little bit before bed.

One evening in particular, the boys were all in bed and I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes.

It had been a busy day so not a lot of time to really think. I was enjoying the quietness, but I was tired.

All of a sudden there it was like a sneaker wave—those feelings of fear and anxiety.

I had been able to defend and push them out all day because of the busyness and activity, but in the quietness and tiredness, they were hitting me hard and fast.

I thought the storm had just calmed since the children were in bed, but in my head and heart the storm had just started.

All the questions, concerns and anxieties that I have about and for my children, the unknown and unspoken fears, they kept coming.

The waves kept crashing harder and harder.

I found that the more I allowed them to crash, the more I was drowning in a sea of worry and defeat.

I walked away from the kitchen sink at one point to see if it would help. I stopped in the living room to pick up a stray piece of Lego. As I bent down to scoop it up, there it was that still small voice of truth trying to crowd out all the loud and obnoxious lies that were filling my heart and head.

I could hear God quietly, but clearly say, “Be still and know that I am God.”

It repeated several times until I was able to pay attention and let the truth permeate through my tired, anxious body.

As I started to really think about that truth I found that those fears even though they were maybe real concerns they seemed to fade.

I was able to process through and actually able to ask God to help me with those fears and concerns and to turn them over to Him.

Every time I would have a “what if” come to mind I would hear him say again, “Be still and know that I am God.”

As moms we do carry a lot, we feel responsible for what happens to our children and there are times when the fear and anxiety for them is so real and powerful we just don’t know what to do with it.

I know our circumstances won’t always change, but I feel that if I am able to focus on the truth, then I am able to defend the fear and worry much better.

The fear and worry is not going to be the resolution to my concerns, but when I focus on the truth it helps me to know that in the midst of the crashing waves of fear and anxiety that we don’t need to carry that heavy burden on our own.

We can still know peace in the midst of a crazy storm.

I am learning, and trying to practice this, it is not easy for me and it is something I have to do all the time.

I want to encourage you today to focus on some truths for you and your situations. Scripture, for me, is what really works.

I do have an assurance that when those sneaker waves reappear I can, “Be still and know that He is God,” and stand strong in the truth in midst of the storm.

We can still know peace in the midst of a crazy storm.

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