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June 21, 2014
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Finally, some good news | Moms

Honestly, I don’t read that much news.

We don’t have a single television station and any news we get comes from the Internet or friends.

This week I’ve committed to read more news, however. I poke my head out of this safe haven of blissful ignorance occasionally and see just what in the world is going on, but when the blood pressure rises or gloom sets in, I retreat once more.

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I want to be informed but not despairing, so I have to be intentional about what news I seek out and what stories I listen to.

I believe we all need more good news.

We need stories that restore our hope and calm our news-saturated hearts and informationally-overloaded senses.

Stories that remind us that the average man and woman in this world still has a shred of humanity in them – something that has not been drowned by our narcissistic society.

While I’m writing this my daughter texts me with awful news.

It happens daily. People are hurt and crime happens and this small town we live in can feel like a sanctuary most of the time, but then…then the unthinkable happens and lives are changed forever.

I want her to check the tire pressure and buckle up and drive home safely and always, always pray.

But even prayer doesn’t keep us safe – it just keeps us close, and that’s the only guarantee.

I have to rest confidently in the closeness of a God who gave Himself over to a bad-news world, so we could have Good News.

Because good news is hard to come by.

As I poked around for information about Iraq and border control and soccer on the Internet, I found good news clothed in humanity – like Jesus was.

I read the story of a man who rescued a wandering child from the side of a highway in Madison County, Georgia; who waited with the 15-month-old toddler for two hours, until authorities showed up; and who played gospel music from his cell phone to calm her.

An ex-convict. A man formerly living a life of bad choices and wrong turns who had spent ten years in prison for his crime against society – he thought he saw a baby alongside the highway, so he stopped.

This story is good news for that baby and her family.

It’s good news for her rescuer. He said he just did what anyone would do if they saw a child by the side of the highway, but it was his time and now he has a new way to identify himself: Hero.

It’s a good news story for society because we want to hear that people can change, that those who formerly walked in their bad choices can be freed to make good choices.

The story of a toddler who wandered away, unaware of the dangers around, is our story.

It’s our rescue that is really the best good news because each of us has wandered, either rebelliously or ignorantly.

“Gospel” literally means “good news.”I hope you find some today.

...those who formerly walked in their bad choices can be freed to make good choices.

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