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June 25, 2014
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Is the doctor on your speed-dial? | Moms

Anyone else paranoid about how frequently they take their kids to the doctor; not because you’re afraid something might be wrong with your kid, but rather you’re afraid the doctors might think there’s something wrong with you?

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I’m serious.

Take this last week for example. By now we all know that I am the mom to four very young kids and while I haven’t been a mother for a vast amount of years, by sheer quantity of children I’d say I’m a fairly experienced mom (to youngsters anyway).

So I don’t call the doctor every time there is a fever or vomit. I have called poison control a number of times and I’m a little paranoid about that as well, but that’s a different topic for a different blog.

Suffice it to say, I’m pretty non-alarmist when it comes to my kids and illnesses. Saying that though, if my children are genuinely sick, I’m pretty aggressive in advocating that they get care.

Which brings me to this last week and my fear that I’m on some sort of crazy-mom watch list.

Last Monday started with our 3-year-old who had a fever of 103.

No big deal, I sent the little girl off to school by herself figuring whatever the big girl had would pass. It did and on Tuesday she was right as rain.

But then the dominos started to fall.

Tuesday the doctor saw Little Girl with a 103 fever and one of the twins with a fever, too. By Wednesday they had

broken slightly, so I figured it was passing.

Oh, no.

Thursday, three quarters of my kids had a huge fever and no signs of shaking it, so on Friday I took Little Girl to the urgent care at 9:30 a.m. I was back at 5:30 p.m. with one of the twins.

At last count, I had called the doctor’s office twice, talked to a nurse once and gone to the urgent care twice – in one day.

The thing about urgent care is that since they don’t know you and don’t normally treat your kids, they don’t really have a gauge of what’s “off” if your kid is sick.

And they certainly don’t know you enough to realize that you’re not some crazy woman making up illnesses in her kids just for the attention.

I’m almost tempted to broadcast the results of the thermometer reading just so everyone in the office can see that my kid is legitimately ill.

Maybe this is only a problem that I have because, like most moms with no time to themselves, I rarely go to the doctor.

I mean, I’m no hippie, but I don’t even do Ibuprofen if I feel bad. I just don’t hyper-focus on every little ailment that my kids or I get, which is probably why I feel super self-consciences when I finally do have to drag the brood in to be seen.

And also it doesn’t help that I have four kids three and under. Little kids swap germs at a rate close to the speed at which they take in oxygen.

They’re snot factories and they believe we all need a smear of the good stuff.

So a few prescriptions later, and everyone seems to be on the mend; however, I give it two weeks, tops.

And the next time you happen to see me at the doctor’s office or at urgent care, know that there is a bug going around my house.

I’d suggest getting a mask.

I’m on some sort of crazy-mom watch list.

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