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July 25, 2014
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A place to slow down and sip | Moms

My favorite place to write is our local coffee shop.

The baristas are getting to know my face. I rarely have the same thing twice so they wait patiently for my order as I switch from hot to cold to regular to decaf depending on the time of day or weather.

They serve local wine and their menu is light fare for lunch or a light dinner.

The service is great because they focus on the folks that come in, not the numbers of beverages going out.

There is just something about having a real ceramic mug of good coffee or steaming chai that allows words to flow easily through my fingertips to the laptop.

The leather chairs in the corner sink close to the floor and I've been known to snag one halfway through my visit.

Neighbors and friends drift in and out, greeting with enthusiastic hugs.

Some get drinks to go, others sit across smalls tables catching up on life's news.

A few of us connect to WiFi to work, play or create in comfort.

I like being a regular here. It feeds into the spot in my heart that begs me to “live gently.”

People spend years working toward a time where they can slow down.

They pack so much into their fast paced schedule that everything seems to be put off until later. We can so easily forget to live right now.

We spend so much time saving up, becoming too worn out to enjoy it when we get there. I'd rather set aside out of the overflow instead of always focusing on later. I'd rather be active than just plain busy.

To me, living a gentle life means to find simplicity every day. Soak in the quiet moments placed in front of us and we'll have more energy for those things that are important not just urgent.

I love finding spaces where life slows down. Feeling the motions instead of just going through them.

Life is rich and I want to drink it all in. I want to seal every moment into my heart so when I look back over my life, there isn't more to remember, just a richer sense of life worth cherishing.

It's possible I could get extra work done at home. I could lock myself in a room with less distractions but it doesn't make it better, just more. More is rarely better.

More is just more.

We've used technology and modern conveniences to speed through life until we wear ourselves out. We eat and drink from drive through coffee stands while we balance it all in our laps.

We eat so fast we forget to taste and enjoy using every one of our senses.

We've even created drive-by relationships. We are more connected online but less face to face.

We only know each other through pithy status updates, photos and verbal wrestling matches over the day's pressing issues in the comments section.

Maybe that's why I like being at this coffee shop of mine – there is life around me here. Music I didn't have to make a decision over plays in the background. I'm able focus on my work instead of the lists I've piled up for myself.

It makes me set time aside to do what I love – not feeling rushed or pressed in to do it all.

It puts me in the middle of life and connection.

When I slow down, the connections are truer, the colors of life become more vibrant and my senses can take it all in deeper.

It takes effort to slow down, to choose fuller moments rather than just packing in more accomplishments but when it comes to life, quality really is winning over quantity.

I\'d rather be active than just plain busy.

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