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August 23, 2014
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Weekend Project: DIY pallet headboard | Moms

Here is a tutorial for a king size headboard made of wood pallets. Happy project-ing!

For any specific questions, e-mail Jessica at

Shopping List:

(2) 2x4 x 10'-0" Long

(1) 2x4 x 6'-0" Long

(1) Sheet Plywood or Particle Board 3'-0" x 6'-6-1/2"

Wood Glue (I use Gorilla)

Small Box of 3" Wood Screws (12 Screws Needed)

Small Box of 1-1/2" Wood Screws

Trim Piece
(1) 1x6 x 6'-0" long (I have Home Depot rip the board into (2) 2-1/4 x 5'-0" long trim pieces. It has to be 2-1/4" to cover up the 3/4" plywood and the 2x4 stud.

(1) 1x3 x 8'-0" long (I have Home Depot rip the board to be 2-1/4" x 8'-0" long) top trim piece

Approximately 2 pallets (I like to mix up the wood types to get a gradient in color when staining. Make sure to choose wisely and pick boards that are strait and solid).

Box of Finish Nails

Polyurethane and or Stains


(See Figure 1 & 2 in photo slideshow)

Materials & Tools:

Reciprocating saw
Measuring tape
Safety glasses
Hearing protection
Kreg Jig™
Drill or Impact drill
Chop saw or skill saw
Finish nails
Nail setter
Orbital sander (preferred) or hand sander
Wood glue
PolyUrethane and or stain(s)

Cut List:

(2) 2x4 x 5'-0" long
(2) 2x4 x 5'-11-1/2" long
(1) 2x4 x 2'-5" long
(1) 3'-0" x 6'-6-1/2" plywood
(15-20) Pallet boards as needed to cover frame

General Instructions:

Work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris. Always use straight boards. Check for square after each step. Always predrill holes before attaching with screws. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold. Wipe excess glue off bare wood for stained projects, as dried glue will not take stain.

Step 1: Disassemble pallets using reciprocating saw. Make sure to use the correct blade for cutting through nails. You can also remove the boards from the base by hand, however this takes a long time and can splinter the old wood. (See Figure 3)

Step 2: Sand boards with an orbital saw. You can also do this by hand, however it takes longer. Make sure the boards do not have dry rot or anything else that could compromise quality. (See Figure 4)

Step 3: Layout basic frame with 2x4 boards cut to length from cut list.

Step 4: Use Kreg Jig to create pocket holes into your 2x4's for a solid hold. (See Figure 5 for pocket hole locations)

Step 5: Fasten 2x4 frame together with 3" wood screws, using clamps as necessary to ensure flush boards. Also check and make sure the boards are square so that the frame will not be squewed. This is very important, if not checked the frame could end up being wobbly.

Step 6: Attach plywood to frame making sure to put wood glue on the 2x4 where the board will sit. Fasten with 1-1/2" wood screws at 6" on center, using a drill or preferably your impact drill. (See Figure 5 & 6)

Step 7: Attach trim pieces around frame with finish nails and couter sink them with the nail setter. Use wood filler (optional) if do not want to see the nails at all.

Step 8: Stain or Poly (1) coat over the trim pieces.

Step 9: After the Poly and or stain is dry (usually I do this the next day), layout recycled pallet boards to your liking. Cut excess boards to trim pieces so that there is no overhang.

Step 10: Stain and or Poly your recycled pallet pieces.

Step 11: Attach pallet pieces with glue and finish nails and counter sink the nails with setter. (Your choice weather or not you want to fill the holes with wood filler or leave them countersunk). I do not notice them myself. (See Figure 7)

Step 12: (Optional) Stain or Poly over finish nail holes if using the wood filler.

Step 13: After the Stain and or Poly is dry lightly Sand after first coat with a fine sandpaper. (See Figure 7)

Step 14: Add another coat of Poly to the whole project to seal the wood and cover any imperfections. (See Figure 8)

Step 15: Measure bolt locations of bed frame and drill holes as necessary for attachment.

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