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September 1, 2014
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How a donut taught me a lesson | Moms

The kids and I had a very busy day this week. In a hurry to get things done and get out of the house to go to the grocery store, I fed the kids but never stopped to eat breakfast myself.

By the time we got halfway through the store, I was starving.

Then, as we were heading to the check-out, I spotted a package of powdered donuts. Not wanting the kids to see, I grabbed the donuts and threw them into the cart without stopping.

At the check-out, I quietly asked the cashier to hand me the donuts to put in my purse instead of in the grocery sack.

We got in the car and I didn’t want the kids to beg for my donuts, so I hid them as I opened the package.

Rather than nibbling on the donuts like I usually would, I grabbed one and threw the whole thing in my mouth before they could notice.

Right away I knew something was wrong. It didn’t taste right.

I hesitantly spit out what was left of the donut.

Upon closer inspection when we got home, I discovered that my donuts were filled with hairy green mold!

It occurred to me that my little mishap could have been easily prevented by simply eating breakfast that morning.

If I hadn’t been so hungry, I probably wouldn’t have been tempted by something I had passed by a hundred times before.

If I hadn’t been so hungry, I probably wouldn’t have been trying to sneak in a snack for myself that I didn’t want my children to have.

If I hadn’t been so hungry, I would have stopped and looked at what I was eating before I devoured it.

This incident was a great example of what happens when we give in to temptation.

In a moment of weakness (in this case hunger), I was tempted by something I wouldn’t have paid attention to before.

I went to great lengths to fulfill my desire without getting caught (in this case by my kids).

When I finally took a bite, the sweet temptation literally tasted bitter.

Temptation is everywhere, but proper nourishment can make you strong.

Getting enough sleep can help me be less irritable with the kids in the morning.

Eating healthy meals helps me not to overdo it on the sweets.

Taking time to rejuvenate through time spent alone or with friends helps me be better equipped to care for my family.

Spending time listening to and caring for my husband strengthens my marriage.

Reading my Bible and filling my mind with truth helps me make wise decisions and combat negative thoughts and emotions.

Most importantly, spending time in prayer prepares me to face whatever temptation comes my way.

Jesus did not take temptation lightly. As a matter of fact, in the Lord’s Prayer (which pretty much covers all the most important things) Jesus instructed people to pray, “Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil.”

We are so susceptible to temptation.

I can’t always get as much sleep as I need or spend as much time with my friends or family as I would like to, but I can always pray.

When the moment of weakness inevitably comes, it is prayer that makes the difference.

When I pray, I know someone is listening.

Someone who actually has the power to overcome evil.

Someone who has already conquered my sin.

Someone who already made a way for me to walk in light and truth.

When I don’t have the strength, someone else does.

Nourishing your body, mind and soul will help avoid temptation.

Prayer will help you overcome it.

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