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September 3, 2014
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Moms of littles: Reasons we rejoice in back-to-school | Moms

It’s that time of year again: Back-to-School!

This is the time of year where moms of school-aged children buckle down and get ready for the upcoming school year.

Buying new clothes and fulfilling classroom supplies list, organizing calendars and signing-up for extra-curriculars, moms with kids in school are incredibly busy this time of year, putting all of their efforts into ensuring their little (or not-so-little) ones have everything they need in order to be successful in the new academic year.

For many moms, it is a bittersweet time. They’re saying goodbye to their kids and entrusting them to their teachers for seven hours of the day.

For others, back-to-school is a time to rejoice in their freedom from the 24/7 presence of their kids.

And then there are the moms like me. Moms of young kids who, while we aren’t shipping our little ones off to school just yet, are still finding reasons to rejoice at school coming back into session.

Here are the top three reasons to rejoice in kids going back to school (if you are not the parent of a child in school):

1: We get our stores back! You know what I’m talking about. Going to the store in the summer is an exercise in patience and a test of your endurance. It starts in the parking lot where, during the school year, you are usually able to find a relatively close spot quickly; during the summer, every mom in Douglas County has decided that she needs to get out of the house or risk going insane cooped up with her children so she has loaded up the minivan and gone shopping. During the summer you are forced to make three passes around the parking lot and finally manage to snag the last available spot, which is coincidently also the farthest away from the store entrance. Once you finally manage to get into the store, you are weaving in and out of clusters of mothers and their children with the proficiency of a NASCAR driver in Daytona, all for the sake of arriving at the aisle where the inflatable pools were only to find that they are (yet again) sold out. These are not problems we encounter once school has started back.

2: Better vacations! Have you ever tried going to Disney World during the summer? Besides playing host to more people than a small country (making standing in line for ride something to be measured in hours instead of minutes) it is excruciatingly hot. That $110 ticket to The Most Magical Place on Earth is a heck of a lot less magical when it is combined with the scent of thousands of sweaty little kids who are cranky and tired because the line to get their hunger-satisfying Mickey Mouse ice cream is 45 minutes too long. But maybe you’re not looking to do a kid-themed vacation. Flights are still cheaper when kids are in school and a lot of prime vacation destinations (like Hawaii) are also less expensive those months.

3: No jockeying for decent playground real estate from bigger kids. Look, the first two are applicable to people without kids or empty nesters. We can all appreciate the perks to be had when other peoples’ children are contained within the four walls of their school. But any momma who has young children can appreciate this one. Am I right? I don’t know what makes 14 year old boys think its OK to be using the same playground equipment that my 2-year-old daughter is on, but it’s not. And lest you think this is a rare occurrence, I’ll have you know there were a few times summer when I had to have a little chat with some teenagers about playground etiquette.

So go back to your classrooms, kids. I’m ready for the school year to begin!

We can all appreciate the perks to be had when other peoples’ children are contained within the four walls of their school.

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