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April 9, 2013
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Have you noticed you can comment on our stories again?

If you’ve been missing the opportunity to make comments or read comments on stories posted on The News-Review’s website, nrtoday.com, that opportunity has returned.

There are two requirements: You must be a subscriber and you must have an account with Facebook.

If you meet those two qualifications, then you have the ability to post comments on news or sports stories, letters to the editor, guest columns, editorials, our Douglas County Moms blog and more.

To make a comment, simply click on a story’s headline from the main page. Just below the headline, you will see a tab that reads “comments.” Click on that tab and if you’re a Facebook user, you will see your profile photo and a box in which you can make a comment. Your comment will also show up on your Facebook feed. To keep it from doing so, uncheck the box that says “post to Facebook.”

You can also reach the comments section at the bottom of each story where you’re encouraged to “Join the Conversation. View and add comments.”

This is the approach chosen by Swift Communications following the launch of its redesigned websites and installation of a new content management system. The hope is the comments will be a of a higher quality since they will be attached to commenters’ real names through their Facebook accounts.

Those who have not established Facebook accounts can do so by going to Facebook.com. There is no charge to join Facebook. Or if you simply try to comment on a story on nrtoday.com, you will be prompted to set up a Facebook account.

Because The News-Review is utilizing Facebook for comments, Facebook sets the rules. If Facebook decides to hide a comment or someone marks it as spam, it won’t show up on nrtoday.com. Also, the comments may not appear in chronological order because of the way Facebook organizes comments. Its rules show you the comments of those you are “friends” with on Facebook before it shows you the comments of those who you haven’t invited to be a “friend” on the social media platform.

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