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May 20, 2013
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Jayne Gautreau: Take time to notice

Everyone is so busy these days, running here and there, doing life; they are busy being busy. Have you noticed that if you slow down in the midst of being busy, you may actually notice some pretty small but significant things?

There are so many things in life we often miss out on, because, well… we are just too busy.

Have you noticed:

* The flower that has just bloomed in your front yard

* Your little one just said his or her first word

* Screams of joy and delight from running through a sprinkler with your kids

* The beautiful sound that your water fountain makes when you take time to be still and listen

* Those blueberry plants in your yard have budded

* The ladybug on the plant

* The croaking frog that must be living under your deck

* The freshness in the air after the first rain

* The rainbow after that crazy rainstorm

* That hug your friend just gave you

* That toothless grin from your sweet baby

* "I love you, Mom," from your child as he or she runs out the door

* The gardener snake your son just found and wants to proudly show you

* The smile from the person in the store who just needed you to smile and say "Hi," today

* That teacher who appreciated you saying thank you

* The joy of a friend who just needed you to take the time to email or call

* How good your first sip of morning coffee tastes

* That freckle on your child’s nose from being out in the sun

* That Bible verse that God reminded you of today

* Your husband who just told you how beautiful you looked

* The sound of the birds flying around making their nests

* That new lamb running around in the field

* Your family just thanked you for making dinner

* Your child just picked you a flower

* The beauty of the creation around us as we drive that same road every day

* Those giggles from the children flying a kite outside

* The sound of your child reading aloud a favorite book

Have you noticed?

Slow down! You will be surprised at how much you haven't noticed and the simple joy it can bring to your life and those around you.

Jayne Gautreau is married with three sons. Read her Mondays on Douglas County Moms.

There are so many things in life we often miss out on, because, well… we are just too busy.

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