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September 6, 2013
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Jemelene Wilson: Are you doing something today worth remembering? | Moms

This past weekend I stole my husband away from daily life for a few days. We drove north to stay with friends just five minutes south of Seattle. It was the perfect getaway for us. It made me wonder why many of us don't take the time to relax, explore and enjoy this beautiful part of the country we live in. It made me question why we don't do it enough.

Seattle is a little less than six hours from Douglas County. The interstate makes it an easy drive as well as beautiful. The scenery could be taken from a postcard with the idyllic red barns silhouetted by deep forests reaching into the sky. Even the clouds look like something from a Disney feature perfectly floating against the backdrop of deep blue.

We arrived a little after midnight to waiting friends. After an hour of chatting we headed off to bed where tired bones were laid to bed. The next morning we woke to delicious breakfast, coffee and a new day in front of us. Later in the morning our friend dropped us off at the light-rail station so we could ride straight into town.

I am a dreamer. My mind easily wanders to the delights of life in different cultures. The sounds, tastes, smells and sights of travel are intriguing. As much as I am a homebody, I love the variety of life in other locations. This time it was confirmed and I'm ready to admit, I'm a city girl. From the public transportation to the bouquets of flowers lining the market, to the tea shop, to the Bolivian restaurant perched up above the street with views of the bustling tourists bumping each other on the narrow sidewalk.

As we devoured a beef dish I can't pronounce from a table on a narrow balcony, I slowed myself down. This was a time to take it all in and I didn't want to miss it. Life gets so hurried, we try to do so much that we can't possibly get it all. We end up skimming the surface of life instead of sinking down into every moment. It dawned on me that it's this place we've put ourselves in that makes the simple things seem boring instead of restful.

Riding home on Sunday I lamented the short time of our visit. With our bodies exhausted and souls refreshed, we drove south. The beauty of friends and a city with a million cultures were staying behind as we made our way home to the place we are blessed to “do life.” Most of the trip we rode in silence with our own thoughts only interrupted by sighs of contentment or exclamations of how glad we are we did this and why don't we do this more.

All we have in life is compilation of everything we have done. Even then we only have today and memories of what we have done in the past. We need to ask ourselves, what are we doing today that is worth remembering? Are we speeding through life so fast, doing so many things with so little thought that we don't drink it in at it's fullest?

We live in an amazing part of the world. In Douglas County we have beauty, a short drive to find worlds full of culture, beaches and mountains. We are surrounded by neighbors who make life amazing. I am challenged to make time for quiet, for noise, for beauty, for new tastes, old adventures and more than all of that, time for friendship.

Jemelene Wilson is married with two daughters and a son-in-law. Read her Tuesdays on Douglas County Moms. Also check out Jemelene's personal blog.

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