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November 7, 2013
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Marla Smart: Best D.I.Y. laundry detergent | Moms

Laundry is not my favorite chore, but it is something we have to do – all the time, isn’t it?

Well, I guess I should say folding the clean clothes is not my favorite chore. Putting loads into the washer and dryer is not a big deal.

In the past year, as I have tried to become more conscientious of costs, I have researched and found a laundry detergent recipe that our family can use and we actually like.

We are not big liquid detergent people, so I wanted a dry recipe.

A couple of nice things about dry soap are that you don’t have to melt anything, just dump and stir. A big tub can hold a LOT of soap, so I don’t have to make it all that often.

I get almost six months use out of one batch, and I promise that’s not because I’m not doing laundry as much as I should.

Maybe I should promise it’s being done, just not always by me. Isn’t that what teenagers are for? Just kidding! It’s a family effort at this stage in the game.

One key ingredient is the ever-popular Borax. I have started checking for Borax every time I go to the store because it is difficult to find. (A lot of you are already doing this type of thing!)

My goal is to have a box of Borax available at all times.

I also choose to do the whole kit and caboodle, options-wise. I add in all the options because I like to have the really nice smells, as well.

For some, that is not necessary, so feel free to leave it out. That will just make yours cost less. As it stands, I spend about $35 on one batch.

Dry Laundry Detergent

76 ounces Borax

55 ounces Washing Soda

4 pounds Baking Soda

2 14.1 ounce bars Zote soap (or Fels Naptha equivalent)

3 pounds Oxi-Clean (optional)

55 ounces Purex crystals (optional)


Finely grate the soap...I mean finely… it will not dissolve otherwise!

Dump all the ingredients into a storage tub (I do it in layers) and mix together well. I use my hands to mix. Don’t try to put the lid on the container and shake it hard. It can get messy, take it from an expert on that.

The cute little measuring cups on the top of the Purex containers make great scoops. The original recipe said it takes about 2 tablespoons for a load. That is the second mark on the cup.

Some may want to use more than that, depending on your particular washer and water.

I choose Zote over Fels Naptha for the scent and the ease of grating. You may want to do a sniff test to choose for your household. Happy laundering!

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