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November 13, 2013
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Robbin Carollo: Priorities of a toddler | Moms

What is really important to you? I think this question really gets a narrow focus after you become a mother.

Before I became a stay-at-home mom, I would have said lesson plans, looking nice, professional development and so on. All were important and don’t get me wrong, I think they still are. I believe it’s important to have goals or hobbies or jobs outside of your family (even if it is just dumping your kids in daycare so you can walk a few miles on the treadmill and watch a grown-up show).

But when we agreed I’d stay home with our girls, after making the conscious decision to dedicate myself to the well being of another human being, I realized that all that really matters in this world, is faith, family and friends (in that order).

On the heels of this realization, however, quickly came another: my girls do not share this perspective.

Hopefully one day, maybe after they’ve become mothers themselves, they’ll come to the same conclusion. For now, here is a list of the things my girls know to be really important to them:

1. Chocolate Chips. Specifically their even distribution over pancakes. If there is one chip more on one pancake than another, Katie bar the door. It takes eight chocolate morsels to make a pancake smiley face. No more, no less. Do not deviate from this standard.

2. Books. Books are important because you can read them or tear them to shreds, depending on your mood. Same for magazines, mail and any other paper product unlucky enough to cross their paths.

3. TV. And not just TV, but the Disney Junior channel specifically. I would honestly cut my grocery budget before I’d cut our Dish subscription. I use it as a babysitter and Big Girl believes Doc McStuffins is her best friend. I don’t let my kids watch TV 24/7, but that doesn’t keep them from asking for it that often!

4. Car seats. Wow, your kids are SO aware of safety. Oh, no. Car seats are important because they stake claim to the preferred side of the car. For the Big Girl especially, there have been several discussions surrounding car seats and the placement thereof.

5. Shoes. What they put on their feet has become a monumental discussion in the mornings. And once I’ve convinced them that flip-flops and my house shoes are not appropriate choices for their feet, the next challenge becomes finding a complete pair. I don’t know about you, but we lose mates to shoes almost as often as our dryer eats mates to socks.

6. Cups. Oh, Lawd! Big Girl cups, sippy cups, Princess cups, Mickey cups. No decision has ever been so vitally important as which cup to give which child. And may the force be with you if you chose the wrong one.

7. Stickers. They’re like the sippy cups, except there are 51,749,615,168,464 from them to choose from.

I know this is a phase and in time their priorities will shift to clothes, make-up and who knows what else and our days of chocolate chip counting will be behind us.

I just hope, that while I’m trying to settle scores and find shoes and move car seats, that I’m also teaching my kids that underneath all those seemingly important things, that their top priorities always be faith, family and friends. ‘Cause pancakes will be eaten, shoes out grown and stickers lost (please, oh please let this be true), but faith, family and friends will always be there.

...we lose mates to shoes almost as often as our dryer eats mates to socks.

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