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December 2, 2013
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2014 Douglas County Spelling Bee, Word List 3

The News-Review and Roseburg Kiwanis will sponsor the 37th annual Douglas County Spelling Bee on April 12 at Wildlife Safari in Winston.

A set of spelling words will appear on this page every week through Feb. 10. The weekly word lists can also be accessed online at www.nrtoday.com/spellingbee. A link titled “Spelling Bee” also can be found on the right side of our website’s home page.

The county spelling bee champion will win a trophy and new computer system. Trophies and prizes will also be awarded through fourth place.

All public school, private school and home-schooled students in the fifth through eighth grades are invited to participate. Students wishing to enter elimination rounds in their district must sign up with their school’s spelling bee coordinator. Home-schooled students sould contact the home school spelling bee coordinator at 541-679-1251.

The county spelling bee coordinator may be contacted at dcspellingbee@nrtoday.com. Questions regarding the weekly word lists may be addressed to newsclerk@nrtoday.com or call The News-Review at 541-957-4212.

Week 3 Spelling Bee words

peony. Any of a genus of perennial often double-flowered plants with large pink, white, red, or yellow showy flowers. “Ben placed a brightly colored peony in a tall vase.”

pyramid. An ancient massive structure of huge stone blocks found especially in Egypt having typically a square ground plan, outside walls in the form of four triangles that meet in a point at the top, and inner sepulchral chambers. “The sight of a pyramid on the desert horizon took Rico’s breath away.”

miniature. Being or represented on a small scale. “The miniature productions of architects’ dream houses were all made out of children’s building blocks.”

amplitude. The extent of a vibratory movement or of an oscillation. “Titus carefully noted any variations in the amplitude of the sine waves.”

insignificant. Of little size or importance. “Marcella told her brother not to let an insignificant quarrel with his best friend spoil the friendship.”

testimony. A solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official. “According to Victoria’s testimony, she had just returned from vacation when she discovered that the statue was missing.”

hue. Gradation of color. “An inspired painter reveals mood through the use of hue and shade.”

thistle. A plant with prickly leaves having a head with white, purple, pink, or yellow flowers. “Dean plucked a thistle from the lawn of the middle school.”

estate. A large farm. “The estate included two ponds, several barns, an orchard, and 48 acres of farm fields.”

blossoming. Flowering. “Between the blossoming branches of the canopy, bits of blue sky looked down like wonderful eyes.”

judge. Form an authoritative opinion about. “An experienced editor can judge the quality of a manuscript from a few sample pages.”

deem. Come to view, judge, or classify after some consideration. “Robert was frustrated that his trainer did not deem him ready for the fight.”

tempestuous. Of, involving, or resembling a furious storm. “The tempestuous action of wind and waves imperiled the ships.”

astronomy. The science that treats of the celestial bodies. “Astronomy is a popular topic for science writers.”

diverting. Turning or drawing (as the mind or attention) from one concern to another: distracting. “The program on television was diverting Vera’s attention from her homework.”

characteristic. Belonging to or especially typical of the essential nature of. “At last Meg looked at him, pushing her glasses in characteristic gesture.”

eclipse. The obscuration of one celestial body by another. “Susan and Stuart flew to Mexico to view a total eclipse of the sun.”

hemisphere. A half of the celestial sphere. “Vince’s star chart depicts all visible heavenly objects in the hemisphere.”

vulgar. Lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste. “Harriet vowed that she would not visit Mr. Martin’s wife if he married an ignorant vulgar woman.”

Martian. Of or relating to the planet Mars or its hypothetical inhabitants. “The Martian year is approximately 687 Earth days.”

sweltering. Oppressively hot: causing or marked by excessive sweating or faintness. “Despite the sweltering heat, thousands of people lined the streets to watch the Fourth of July parade.”

forecaster. One who predicts weather conditions on the basis of correlated meteorological observations. “When the forecaster predicted freezing rain, the highway department loaded up its trucks with sand and salt.”

proposition. A project, plan, undertaking, or situation requiring some action. “The highway superintendent presented his proposition for spring street repair to the mayor.”

precipitation. A deposit on the Earth of hail, mist, rain, sleet or snow; also: the quantity of water deposited. “Low-pressure areas normally bring clouds and precipitation.”

searingly. In a manner causing withering or drying. “The noonday sun blazed searingly on the withered corn.”

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