Douglas County Assessor Roger Hartman, left, and Commissioner Gary Leif meet with the public at the Douglas County Fair on Aug. 12, 2016.

The Douglas County Chief Financial Officer is suing the county, Douglas County Commissioner Gary Leif, Assessor Roger Hartman, county employee Frank Lassen and Larry Saccato for more than $4.5 million, according to court documents.

On Wednesday, county’s CFO Jessica Hansen, filed the complaint with the Douglas County Circuit Court, alleging she was called derogatory names and then retaliated against after she reported it.

The complaint comes nine months after Hansen first served notice that she planned to sue the county for $3 million.

Hansen claims her reputation and career were damaged, and suffered from emotional distress. She is asking for $4.5 million for noneconomic damages and more than $17,000 for economic damages.

The complaint, filed by Hansen’s Eugene-based attorney, Donald Johnson, claims the defendants retaliated against Hansen because of her gender and because she exercised her right of free speech.

In an earlier interview with The News-Review, Hartman called Hansen’s accusations “totally bogus.”

In response to the harassment complaints, two investigators looked into both the name-calling complaint and the retaliation claims.

Investigator Gail Fisher of Eugene, concluded in a written report in May that Hartman described Hansen as a “bitch” to her co-workers. Fisher also found that Hartman had sent an email to another co-workers where he had written “’c’ you next Tuesday” after Hansen’s name.

“See you next Tuesday” is a euphemism for a demeaning term for a woman, Fisher wrote.

Hartman later told The News-Review he never referred to Hansen as a “bitch,” but added, “she certainly has acted inappropriately, like one occasion and justifiably could be called one.”

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This to me sounds like extortion. I think that we

are getting a little tired of the women are being used and under paid etc etc and etc... As I can see it these days it is visa versa. Just go to any property management company and see if a male is behind the desk. You have got all you have asked for and more.. come on now! You have never called a man a name
behind his back and he probably deserved. It's to let up this suing at the drop of a hat
and get back to doing business.






Alex, I'll take 2 people I didn't vote for for $100. This is what happens when you blindly vote party affiliation instead of intelligence, aptitude and integrity.


OregonHusker you are correct. Each candidate should be scrutinized before voting. I don't vote strictly Demo or Rep. They are jerks in every political party.


Good point.

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