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February 6, 2013
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Anne Creighton Blodgett: A mom's 'bag of magic' can save the world

Moms are known for the arsenal of tools, tricks and remedies they carry around in those giant purses of theirs.

Even as a kid, I knew that my mother would have something in her bag to fix anything from a carburetor to a cut finger.

I realize now that she probably wasn’t always so prepared, and that the road to owning said "bag of magic" was that of trial and error. By the time I was born, she had nearly a decade of mothering under her belt and had learned what things worked best for her, her kids and the demands of their daily routine.

I am just at the beginning of that journey but have already found a few things that I cannot live without - some I’ve discovered on my own, others have been passed down from veteran mothers.

1. Dry shampoo – There are mornings when taking a shower and washing my hair just aren’t in the cards for me, yet I have to venture into public for some appointment and don’t want to look like a total grease ball. I spray the dry shampoo on my roots and use my fingers to comb it through, and my hair looks and feels clean again. I’ve been loving Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray. Plus, its $3 price tag is hard to beat.

2. Gripe water – This product was recommended to me by a sympathetic stranger during a trip to Alaska when Liam was just 8 weeks old. Day two into the trip, we were on a ferryboat traveling to an island to visit my family. Liam was absolutely inconsolable with the worst gas pains I’d ever witnessed in a small human and had been since we left Oregon (needless to say it was a horrible, sleepless trip for me). I’d tried everything that week from infant gas drops to cutting dairy from my diet when a very nice lady leaned over and whispered, “I’ve been where you are. Try gripe water."

Of course, I didn’t have access to any until I was back home in civilization, but that lady, who undoubtedly had gripe water in her own “mom bag” at some point in her life, was right on. The stuff worked in a matter of minutes. I quickly purchased a large supply of Mommy’s Bliss Original Gripe Water online. It’s $10 of peace and quiet in a bottle.

3. Aquaphor – A couple of months ago, Liam started both drooling and spitting up a lot and would do so in his sleep. He broke out with a chapped, red rash on his cheeks from the overnight moisture. I thought it would go away on its own, especially if I monitored him closely, but the rash got worse. I finally called my sister-in-law (who has three kids under the age of 5, bless her heart) and she recommended Aquaphor. The rash was gone in less than two days, and $5 will get you a lifetime supply at any drugstore.

Share your secrets, moms. What’s in your bag?

Anne Creighton Blodgett is married with a son and a stepson. Read her Thursdays on Douglas County Moms. Check out her personal blog at

Even as a kid, I knew that my mother would have something in her bag to fix anything from a carburetor to a cut finger.

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