Beau Jonathan Hanlin, 23, was arrested Monday night after he allegedly backed his car into another vehicle at the Idle Hour bar while visibly intoxicated, according to the Roseburg Police Department.

Beau Hanlin is the son of Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin.

At approximately 7:30 p.m., witnesses reported that Beau Hanlin backed his blue 1985 GMC pickup into another vehicle, a maroon 2012 Subaru Impreza, causing damage, and then attempted to leave the area in the 200 block of Northeast Jackson Street, Roseburg.

Beau Hanlin was stopped and held at the scene by witnesses until officers arrived.

Police said Beau Hanlin was visibly intoxicated and that he admitted to drinking at the bar.

He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, hit and run, driving uninsured and a parole violation.

Monday’s arrest is not Beau Hanlin’s first run-in with the law. In 2015, he was convicted for third-degree rape after he engaged in sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl. He was 21 at the time.

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I understand people being outraged, but I met John Hanlin many years ago and he's not the type of person to look the other way or use his job to have others when his kid has done something horrible. To try and smear his name is a lack of NOT knowing all the true facts about him. You can raise kids in a perfect environment and do all the right things, but they still turn out to be horrible people. His kid is obviously a huge dirt bag! His stupid smile in the mugshot shows what a disrespectful, immature 23 year he has grown to be. He will get what's coming to him and probably end up being in and out of prison his whole life. ...that's not John's fault.


What is wrong with CannaKing being outraged by a child rapist being treated specially because he is the chief's kid? I am sorry if an adult having sex with a 14 year old child doesn't upset you but that is sick!


Sheriff Hanlin has my full respect and support. Canna King comments are mean spirited. They do not have my respect or support for attempting to bash all the great law enforcement people who work for Douglas County. It's the State Court Judges who determine sentencing. Charges are brought through the District Attorney who enforces State laws, not the Sheriff's office. Good grief, get real!


Mean spirited? Mean spirited is the person that takes another's statement and twists it into something it's not, and something I totally didnt say! NR77 dont you dare twist my words! I too FULLY respect our sheriff (even if I used the word "daddy") and have actually had a couple personal conversations with our good sheriff, in which one of those talks, beau was actually brought up as a "trouble child".... but have absolutely NO RESPECT for a child raper. I have a 15 year old girl and if 21 year old beau touched her, I WOULD HAVE GONE TO PRISON for defending my kid! "Get real?" I will get real...... OPEN YOUR EYES and realize I am not "bashing', but being uncensored as well as real as on can be! WAKE UP.... Dont think for a second that there is not a "thin blue line" between all law enforcement and a "union brotherhood" between D.a's, Judged, City/county workers, jailers and probation officers... all of which are unionized "brothers"..... If you dont think that these people look after themselves as well as "theirs", and this kid will do any time for this crime or any other crime he may commit in the future in the county, you are delusional and part of the problem (and more than likely, part of the PERS club)!


The rules should apply to everyone equally even if your daddy is the head dude. If he committed rape his but should be in prison.


WOW..... look how smug he is during his intake picture. THAT IS THE FACE OF A MAN THAT KNOWS he wont ever get into too much trouble, suffering the consequences of ones actions.... BECAUSE HE KNOWS his daddy, along with the other jailors/prosecutors wont give him any time....look, he can even get away with rape of a little girl, without getting into much trouble in this county! It must be nice to be "part of the club" as well as part of the "good ol' boy
" network in this little town..... Lucky for him, his last name is hanlin! OY VEY....


When he got arrested for rape he only got 30 days in jail. $200 fine and was supposed to register as a sex offender. He was also ordered to stop all contact with the victim and keep a certain distance from her. I've been told by a very reliable source that he still knowingly goes to places where she is at.

just me

sounds like to me cannaking that you are full of sour grapes


Sour? I have a special place in my heart for "men" that rape little girls! Sour is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

just me

no, you are just using this incident to vent your dislike of authority


"no, you are just using this incident to vent your dislike of authority"

NO, I am using this incident to vent my dislike of a system (you call authority) who let PUNKS like this, get away with things us mere mortals would have been thrown in prison over, all because THEY or THEIRS are "part of the club" and has a last name that is recognizable figure in so said club!

/Fixed it for you

just me

back to when it took so long for you to get your license to deal drugs

just me

how many underage 14 year old gurls have you dealt your drugs to??


"how many underage 14 year old gurls have you dealt your drugs to??"

Arent you just precious? For you DEFINITELY put the MORE in ON better than anyone I have ever seen.... and I thought roseburg city councilor tom ryan was bad.... but you TAKE THE CAKE....Congrats!

Tell me, How many years have you walked on this earth and what age are you closer too? 12 or 90? Hard for me to decipher.....

KNOW that I HAVE NEVER been convicted of ANY CRIME in my life and I have NEVER took a plea deal to dealing any "drugs" much less drugs to a 14 year old minor.....

I find it FUNNY how one can so easily divert and deflect while defending the undefendable! Sounds to me like he is "your sheriff".... whats your last name? Zolinski? Hanlin?

Momma Hanlin, is that you?

How obtuse are you? I find ironic that you dont/wont throw stones at the person that committed so said crimes and atrocities.... but you want to throw stones at the person that speaks truth about the PUNK that actually got arrested? Speaks volumes about you and your motivations..... it is like you are running smokescreen... WOW.... Co-Dependent much?

The bigger question we all as a community should be asking is: How many times has this POS raped little girls? Was this the first time he EVER did something so disgusting and unforgivable and he just happened to get caught, and the first time he committed such a horrendous offense?

Things to make you go hmmmm......

just me

i didnt ask about your convictions, i asked how many times you've done it

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