A 17-year-old male student was arrested Wednesday morning after allegedly pinning another student against a wall at Roseburg High School, according to the Roseburg Police Department.

The student allegedly saw another male student yelling at his girlfriend in the hallway, which led him to grab the other student by the neck and pin him to the wall.

The student then threatened to continue harming the other student, but the incident was broken up by the the school’s staff, according to the police department.

The 17-year-old was cited on suspicion of strangulation, menacing and harassment. He was later released to his mother.

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Either the News Review deleted a comment or one was just sent to my personal email. The email provided names and details. If what was sent to me is correct (I have no way to verify this) the student who was attacked did seek medical assistance because of pressure from the strangulation. The email also states that one of the people posting comments who protrayed themselves as a student at RHS do NOT go to that school. I have saved this if I need to use it as proof.


So a young adult in high school shouldn't be held to standards adults are huh? Does that mean a 16 year old shouldn't be allowed to drive since they aren't mentally done growing? What if that kid is in a wreck do we not hold them responsible? If a high school age person is not held to societies standards why are some kids as young as 12 tried as adults?


A boy comes to the rescue of a girl being yelled at by her abusive boyfriend and he is the one that gets in trouble??? Sure, maybe he was a little overzealous in defense of the young lady and a bit aggressive in his words, but extreme overreaction to call the police. In many places he would be cheered for coming to the rescue of someone being abused.


Calling the police over this is stupid, and a waste of time. Every school has fights. I had my share. I got punished by the Principal with after school detention, or extra homework, or something else appropriate. But, calling the police? No way unless it was a serious matter. Over reaction seems to be the norm today. No body got hurt according to the article so why take it to the next level? A court appearance over two kids fighting. Gimme a break!


I read the article (several times) and not once did I see anything in it about the victim not being hurt. How did you get that info? So when do you call the cops? When blood is drawn? When more then 2 people are involved? Does someone have to be physically hurt before the cops are called? Violence is violence no matter the age of the people involved or the outcome. People have a right to feel they are sending their kids to a safe place to learn. Why do people thing that physical fighting is normal? Is that how kids are taught to deal with life?


I would think having to seek medical attention is a serious matter. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. That applies to everyone. Parents need to teach their children how to behave in public. If you can't control them don't inflect them on society.


I definitely don't know the whole story. I just remembered Years ago this would have been handled at school and if it was repeated or an injury happened then the police would be involved. Hopefully this kid has learned from this and not be charged as an adult. Not a good start for him as a young adult.


Is this troublemaker still in school? I hope for the safety of the other students he was kicked out.


Is the kid going to be held to adult standards? By that I mean is he going to be punished via the law? That should at the least be considered assault. Was the student who was the victim injured? Did they need medical attention? Mommy and daddy need to teach junior how to handle life without physical intervention.


obviously you don't know the whole story. Until you do don't judge people


I have worked with students in the past and I don't have a tolerance for kids that are troublemakers and disrupt others education. If you have a troublemaker they should be in a school for that kind of problem. But don't inflect your out of control kids on those just wanting to learn in peace. Schools are not babysitting or crowd control facilities.


I wish people would not judge because he was protecting someone and for 2 he is not a trouble maker he is a good kid just made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes.


Correct everyone does make mistakes that is how we learn. When someone messes up they need to know that comes at a price. If you run a red light you get a ticket. Even 16 year old drivers get the same ticket as anyone else. Cause and effect.


obviously you don't know the whole story. until you do don't judge people.


And by the way, people make judgements all the time. Will I have time to get through that light before it turns red? The car that just threw a bottle and broke it all over the sidewalk as real asses. Those are judgements and what is wrong with those? The glass bottle incident happened today in front of the main WalMart entrance at approximately noon. Wrong is wrong.


Did not need medical attention no one was even. Hurt

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