The man who was let go by police officers in Sutherlin at the end of September was arrested Thursday after a four-hour standoff in Green.

Russell John Scott, 60, was arrested on suspicion of failing to appear on charges including first-degree burglary, resisting arrest, unlawful use of a weapon and criminal mischief, and lodged at the Douglas County Jail.

Thursday’s drama began at approximately 8:45 a.m., when an Oregon State Police trooper observed a 2000 Suzuki traveling nearly 90 mph in a 65 mph speed zone on Interstate 5 south of Roseburg. The trooper gave chase and eventually stopped the vehicle in a business parking lot near the intersection of Southwest M Street and Old Highway 99 South in Green, according to police.


Law enforcement officers respond during a four hour long standoff in Green on Thursday.

The trooper, who was aware that Scott had recently been involved in a standoff with police officers in Sutherlin, attempted to have Scott exit the vehicle. When Scott failed to comply with the trooper’s orders, additional officers from OSP, the Winston Police Department and deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene.

Brevin Ball, 21, of Myrtle Creek, was at the Fast Stop Market when he saw a swarm of police vehicles pull into the area just before 9 a.m., he told The News-Review.

Ball said officers quickly blocked off the area, evacuated local businesses, and set spike strips behind the suspect’s vehicle.

Officers communicated with Scott for nearly 4 hours in the hopes of getting Scott to voluntarily exit his vehicle and surrender, but those efforts were not successful, police said.


Oregon State Police SWAT officers take Russell John Scott of Sutherlin into custody after a four-hour standoff in Green on Thursday.

Instead, a state Special Weapons and Tactics team was dispatched to the area. After negotiations again failed, members of the SWAT team shot projectiles filled with pepper spray into Scott’s vehicle.

Scott was then arrested and taken into custody without further incident.

Fugate said the suspect was wanted for multiple felonies and has threatened to harm law enforcement officers in the past, and has previously threatened “suicide by police.”

Officials initially declined to confirm whether the suspect was indeed the 60-year-old Scott, the Sutherlin man who had remained at large since September 21 when officers from the Sutherlin Police Department let him go after a 90-minute standoff, but jail records later showed that Scott was arrested Thursday near the standoff. Later, state officials confirmed that Scott had been taken into custody.


Oregon State Police investigate a vehicle Russell John Scott was operating when taken into custody after a four-hour-long standoff in Green on Thursday.

Bill Fugate of OSP said there are instances where letting a suspect go is safer than forcing a conflict, but added that Thursday’s standoff was not one of them.

“We have the advantage, we have the tools, the ability to get in there with an armored vehicle to see what’s going on and try to resolve this in a peaceful way,” he said.

“This person is wanted and we believe he is a danger to the community,” he added.

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This is what peace officers do. We need more of this type of police work. Good job!


Someone this dangerous should have never been released by the Sutherlin PD. And we have yet to hear an explanation.


***He should have never been out of jail at all. Ask who ever the judge was that let him out, or post bail, or ROR, why. Now we get to see if he allowed out again.


This is where police work has gone these days. Think of the bad press, and/or brutality suits BEFORE doing their sworn jobs. By letting this psych case go they
jeopardized public safety, and allowed this maniac back onto our roadways. If he had killed one of my loved ones EVERY local agency involved would land in front of a judge. In fact I think that should happen anyway. Talk about gross neglect of duty.


So instead of Sutherlin police arresting this guy tax payers get to pay for SWAT (who knows how many people that includes) to show up and arrest him. Thank you Sutherlin for costing the tax payers who knows how much more.


***Mogie. There still has been no mention of his violating the restraining order that was to keep him away from his own mother. Back in my days, that was a direct slap in the face of the judge that issued an RO and he would sit in jail until that judge made a decision to let him out. Felonies, involve the initial arresting agency, the DA's office, defense attorney's, Circuit court, someone to post bail, corrections, P and P dept. It can take a while for all of those to get things done. But he is a danger to the public, should have never been out and now should sit in jail until court. Then upon a guilty conviction, enough prison time to stay there forever. The courts are the ones to blame, not the cops. OSP SWAT, comes out of Salem, OSP headquarters. I am sure they were ready to go and or work close enough to Salem, to load up quickly.


You mean they didn't let the guy go and make him promise to turn himself in late? Novel concept to actually arrest someone. Thank you Winston for protecting us from criminals.

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