A Roseburg woman was cited after she allegedly shoplifted from the Salvation Army Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

At approximately 2 p.m., employees at the store contacted police after they noticed the woman, Theresa Rayne Hake, 57, shoplifting from the store in the 3000 block of Northeast Stephens Street, Roseburg.

Police arrived at the thrift store, but Hake had already left the area.

Police later contacted Hake at her residence and recovered the stolen property.

Hake was cited on suspicion of third-degree theft. She was later released.

The woman, Theresa Rayne Hake, 57, was charged on suspicion of third-degree theft after police contacted Hake at her residence. Inside, police recovered the stolen property.

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There are more than a few unreliable workers there and if by words alone can say I don't believe a worker there they are truly shady humans at that store


***I have heard some absolutely stupid statements before, but yours has to be the worse one yet. Why don't you tell us where you work, so we can go there, watch you work and judge you. I bet they work harder than you. You say you do not believe one single employee there. Are you some kind of human resource specialist that can judge people by walking by them? Go look in your mirror and tell me you are better than those people in that store. I say you are not better than them.


OMG exdep425 that is right on.


***My statement is directed at you Crieghten.




I priced the same type of items at the Goodwill in Eugene and the Salvation Army here in Roseburg. Here are the results. For the same style and size of women's shirt the average price in Eugene was $4.99 and the average price here in Roseburg was$2.35 (plus they are offering 25% of your entire purchase right now). So with prices so cheap why would someone steal or attempt to steal from the Savation Army? Don't think it could be that this theft had no clothes because they give away to those in need. Could it have just been that she was a giant jerk? That sounds more logical.


Hope this creep has been trespassed for life from the Salvation Army.


That sucks! So low that you would steal from the Salvation Army? Scum!

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