WINCHESTER — Umpqua Community College selected 77 local students to participate in UCC Scholars, a two year (2017-19) scholarship and community service program. These high school students will kick-off their participation as UCC Scholars by enrolling full-time at UCC this fall.

The College hosted a reception for the new group of UCC Scholars at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 11, in the Danny Lang Event Center. The names of the scholars and their high schools are listed below.

Days Creek Charter School: Jedadiah Hays, Micah Kruzic.

Douglas High School: Hannah Fouts, Caleb Hobson, Cecile Hobson, Mariah Holcomb, Gema Jaime, Molly Lavin-Williams, Randi Morris, Eric Pearce, Ashley Pena, Ian VanGordon, Hannah Waldron, Emily Warren, Keyana Zanni.

Elkton High School:Cyrus Holcomb, Dariyan Woodard.

Glide High School: Benjamin Collar, Kevin Jeffries, Jacob Maynes.

North Douglas High School: Kalli Frieze, Jhana Lane.

Oakland High School:Paige Bayless, Kylee Bean, Rebecca Bowker, Korban Holm, Cheyenne Janzen, Bailey Masterfield, Lillian Meier, James Morhain, Kathyryn Tripp, Katherine Van Roekel.

Riddle High School: Daniel Jasper.

Roseburg High School: Mikenna Blumenthal, Alyssa Bohme, Taylor Brooks, Breanna Bush, Tristan Case, Ashley Davin, Ciara Dorn, Noah Elkins, Makayla Gilbert, Eric Hoang, Elizabeth Hull, Alexa Jaworski, Lyle Lee, Kyla Mays, Bennett Mesa, Alexandria Mignola, Amber Moore, Heather Mosier, Sarah Orsingher, Eric Pacheco-Lillard, Cara Painter, Hunter Pariani, Kylee Patterson, Nicole Peterson, Caitlyn Quinn, Nicholas Wayman, Willamina Whalon, Camron Wright, Shyla Yu.

South Umpqua High School:Emma Lind, Jade Stanford-Whightsil.

Sutherlin High School: Mariah Bebeau, Bowen Briggs, Kalana Granger, Wyatt Keady, Cameron Lemke, Jeremiah Scroggins, Sophie Shepherd, Kenzie Stone, Nicholas Strode, Annette Vicencio, Marshal Warmouth.

Umpqua Valley Christian Academy: Jayden Fong.

Yoncalla High School: Jessica Powers.

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