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Today, 74,070 ballots went into the mail to be distributed to voters across Douglas County.

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Supporters of a plan to restructure Douglas County government under a Home Rule Charter are in a dispute with Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg over the wording that could appear on the ballot.

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Tuesday’s voter turnout was strikingly low this year. By Tuesday evening, just 18 percent of voters had turned in their ballots, compared with 20 percent in the last special district election held two years ago.

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While hotly contested Umpqua Community College seats got most of the attention this election, along with local school bonds, a number of smaller contests were decided in Tuesday’s election.

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Douglas County Clerk Patricia Hitt reported that as of Tuesday afternoon, it was looking like this would be the lowest turnout yet by percentage. Eighteen percent of voters ultimately turned in their ballots by 8 p.m.