Wildfire season will be officially underway this week in Douglas County, fire officials announced Monday.

Starting midnight Wednesday, new restrictions to prevent the spark of wildfires will be in place. The restrictions will impact landowners both private and public on lands that fall under the protection of the Douglas Forest Protective Association, the agency tasked with protecting county forests from wildfires.

The restrictions will prevent the use of exploding targets, tracer rounds and sky lanterns on or near lands protected by the organization. Outside debris burning will also be prohibited. As usual, the agency urges residents that it's better to be safe than sorry.

"Those wishing to burn yard debris before Wednesday are encouraged to exercise caution and are reminded to never leave the burn unattended," the agency said in a statement Monday. "In addition, fire officials recommend checking any debris piles that were burned earlier this spring. If not properly extinguished, burn piles have the potential of smoldering for weeks, or even months, before popping back to life on a warm, windy day."

Restrictions on timber companies will also be set up. Starting Wednesday, smoking while working on or traveling through an industrial logging site will be prohibited. Fire suppression gear must also be on-hand and ready to go and a fire watch is required once work is finished for the day.

Fire officials say that as fire season worsens in the summer, more restrictions on companies and the general public could be enacted.

Information: DFPA 541-672-0379

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