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Now that our boys are about a month-and-a-half old, I mostly forgotten all of the wondrous side effects of being pregnant.

Remember this? Ah, the good ole days!

Anyway, besides the weight gain, which still hasn’t magically melted off, I am free of all of the plagues—I mean joys—that come with being pregnant.

However, there is a whole new realm of wonderful that I’m in, thanks in large part to the many delights of breastfeeding.

Now, before I go into the awesomeness that is breastfeeding, I’d like to make it clear that this is not some anti-formula rant. I grew up in Atlanta and breastfeeding just isn’t as common in the South as it is up here.

I don’t even know of a friend I had growing up that was breastfed; I certainly wasn’t.

I’ve said it before and I stand by it—I don’t think it is anyone’s place to judge how you feed your kid.

If there is a medical reason you have to use formula, fine. If you have to work and pumping at your desk during lunch doesn’t seem like the best use of your eating time or even if the idea of breastfeeding just grosses you out—as long as you’re caring for your baby then it is no one else’s business how you choose to feed your kid.

Side note: I was totally one of those people grossed out by the very idea of breastfeeding—then I realized I could bring the baby into bed and nurse her there without ever getting up and so breastfeeding won out.

So now that I’ve made my position on formula v. breastfeeding clear, all me to share some of the joys of nursing that aren’t covered in any how-to manuals that I’ve ever read. They are as follows:

1. Nursing Bras. I only have one word: hot. And who knew there were so many shades of beige?

2. Nursing covers. Somehow you manage to build up quite a stock of these bad boys, in many colors and patterns. However, it is inevitable that you will have left them at home or in the car when you need one, so mostly you’ll wind up using whatever dirty swaddling blanket you have jammed into the bottom of the diaper bag.

3. Nursing pads: Disposable or reusable? I have both and I am here to tell you the reusable ones are like socks—even though you put two in the wash, only one ever comes out. And the disposable ones are each individually wrapped and the wrappers never seem to make it to the trash, so your bedroom winds up looking like a cellophane graveyard.

Oh, and both of them work really well for about twenty minutes until you move or they move and then you get awesome breastfeeding experience number four…

4. Leaking onto shirts and sheets and basically anything that comes into contact with your chest. You have to makes sure to pack an extra top for yourself everywhere you go because you know that the bra/tank top/shirt combo you have packed will soon be soaked through by breast milk.

And folks think the tough part is feeding the baby!

I don’t think it is anyone’s place to judge how you feed your kid.

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