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Robbin Carollo | moms@nrtoday.com

Fat, angry cat makes headline news for terrorizing family | Moms

It is a truly terrifying world we live in. One only has to open the paper to see the dangers that we face, abroad and here at home.

Sometimes just reading the headlines is enough to make me want to keep my children at home, locked away from danger.

Sadly, as one article in the Oregonian proves, sometimes home is where the biggest dangers of all await.

Last week, the Oregonian website published a piece entitled, “Aggravated cat is subdued by Portland police after terrorizing family.”

Apparently there was a couple in Portland who had to call 911 because their 22-pound Himalayan cat had “trapped” them into a room of their apartment.

The story states that the cat, which evidently has a history of violence, clawed their seven-month-old baby after the baby pulled the cats tail.

When the dad booted the cat in the rear-end to stop it from harming the baby, the cat turned on it’s owners and started hissing and clawing at the whole family.

So, the dad ran his girlfriend, their baby and the family dog into a bedroom and bolted the door.

When he called 911 (sobbing), he told the operator that they could hear the cat hissing and clawing at the door trying to get in.

The terrifying saga ended when the police came and subdued the cat with a dog snare.

The silver-lining on this groundbreaking story is that the family has decided to keep the cat, and will seek counseling for the troubled feline.

There, now you can’t unread it either.

I kid you not. This is what made the headline news.

The comments on the article were also incredibly insightful, with a majority of them commending the guy for getting the cat help or condemning him from kicking the cat in the butt for scratching his infant.

There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin. If I had a lot of faith in people I’d say that the reason this story has gone viral is because:

1: Most people are dumbfounded as to why this is considered news at all

2: We all want to feel like brave super heroes because we’re fairly confident that we would not be cowed by a fat house cat.

But who knows? Maybe these people were truly scared of the cat.

It’s a lucky thing this horrifying incident happened, or what else would the paper report on?

They mysterious disappearance of an airplane? A Syrian civil war? Education reform? The geopolitical disaster that is occurring in Russia and the Ukraine? New York buildings exploding?

No, thank you. I’d rather we stuck to the stuff that matters: Pissed off, fat cats.

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