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Why a getaway for mom is good for dad too | Moms

As a mom to three boys ages 10, 8 and 19 months, I was looking forward to spending time with other women and getting a little break from the regular routine of life at our recent church ladies retreat.

About 65 to 70 of us went away together for a weekend of refreshment, encouragement and fun.

We were blessed to have a tremendous speaker come from Illinois to help us learn and grow in our relationship with God, but also encouraging us to apply it to our everyday lives and relationships.

Time away for a lot of the ladies was a big sacrifice.

Some of the women were leaving children and husbands for the first time, which caused some anxiety.

I think it is generally harder for women to leave their families for a short time. It can be a big pull emotionally.

I was asked a few times during the retreat how daddy was doing at home and would he be OK with all three boys.

I knew my husband would be just fine, he may do things differently than mommy, but I knew our children were safe and being taken care of well.

The reality was that they were quite possibly having much more fun than when mom is the one to stay home alone.

Daddy is the one who will build fire pits outside to roast marshmallows and put up tents in the living room.

I am the one who tends to focus more on keeping things running in the house, which often gets in the way of the fun element. Daddy doesn’t always see that as a priority.

This is a great thing as we balance each other out.

I think we need to remember that it is a blessing for our husbands to take care of the home and the children while mom goes away.

We should never feel guilty about time away, especially if it is time spent renewing mom’s heart and mind.

The house may not look like it did when we left home, but really that should not matter.

I think we need to be careful we don’t undermine the abilities or the role that a daddy plays in our children lives because he may do things different in the home when we are gone.

I listened to a great Focus on the Family radio broadcast that talked about how as mom’s we can go out to an event and return home and focus on how something was done differently or what has not been done instead of what has been done.

You may return home to your kids wearing another siblings clothing, hair not combed after showers or that they ate McDonalds all weekend.

The thing is we need to be focusing on the fact that they got dressed, ate and had showers.

These are all accomplishments and it takes away from what was done when we point out that it wasn’t done the way we would do it.

After my retreat I came home to three very happy boys and a content daddy who had enjoyed time together bonding.

The house actually looked pretty good, maybe not everything that would normally have been done on a weekend was done, but in the grand scheme of things that really didn’t matter.

When I keep these things in mind, I am able to appreciate the blessings of a weekend away.

We also give our husbands the opportunity to enjoy our children and to not fail under our expectations.

I can come home refreshed and renewed and ready to continue with my everyday life.

And to answer the question if daddy be OK on his own with all three – yes, he was and I never doubted it for a moment.

We should never feel guilty about time away, especially if it is time spent renewing mom’s heart and mind.

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