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A new perspective for the tired mom | Moms

We have all had one of those days or few days in a row that make us tired and weary.

It doesn’t have to always be anything big or serious, but little things can add up causing us to feel worn out and not sure if we have much more to give.

I was standing with my oldest son in the kitchen recently when I heard my 19-month-old shriek loudly.

I knew right away it was one of those hassled shrieks that I have heard numerous times recently.

He was outside playing with his other brother.

He is at the exploring stage and getting into things he shouldn’t, this time it quite possibly was our newly planted vegetable beds.

I knew his unhappy screech was one of protest and redirection from his big brother.

After one too many of those in the last few days, I let out a very heavy and loud sigh – to be honest, I wasn’t even really aware that I had done it.

But my son’s response let me know I had, I heard my son say in quite a stern manner, “Oh come on mom, it’s not that bad. We are trying to be good.”

At first I was a little startled by his response. What he said actually made me really think about what I had just done.

Our oldest boy has Autism. He is very honest and not afraid to say what he is thinking.

Most of the time he is actually very funny and often correct in what he is saying.

His response or quite honestly, rebuke – actually made me realize my present attitude that day.

I was having quite the pity party and while sighing probably wasn’t a bad thing, it really was conveying what I was feeling inside.

I felt sorry for myself and my situation that day and it was coming out not only in my sigh, but also apparently in my attitude and my children especially my oldest could sense it.

I know we all get weary, life is demanding no matter what stage of parenting or life we are in presently.

I am always thankful for when other people share their perspective and help us to keep our focus on what is important.

This reminded me of a sweet conversation I had with another lady recently at the soccer field.

This wonderful lady is now in the grandparent stage of life and has raised four girls.

She shared with me how a few months ago she was taking care of her grandchildren while they were all down with the cold bug and her husband was really sick too.

She said on one particular day she was very tired and feeling very sorry for herself.

She then felt that God told her she needed to stop and count her blessings that day.

She said it really changed how she was feeling and gave her the strength to keep caring for her family.

I was so thankful for her kind and gracious words because those were the words I needed to remember recently when I too was feeling the same way.

I knew I needed to stop and count my blessings, despite how I was feeling.

I also needed to recognize the good, especially when our kids are trying.

They can feel our exasperation even when we don't say anything.

I am thankful for how my son spoke truth to me, sometimes we need to be reminded that things really aren’t that bad.

They can feel our exasperation even when we don\'t say anything.

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