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Strawberry Pretzel Salad | Moms

There are those foods that just remind you of certain seasons. It’s not that you can’t prepare them other times, it’s that they are so associated with a time of year that it feels right to only use them then.

Strawberries are that way for me. I love strawberries any time of year, but they are the best in the spring and early summer.

We have a special strawberry dish that is requested in our family. The kids are always excited when it is a part of the menu. My husband, who does not live by the seasonal food rule, will ask for it year-round.

I make him wait for spring and summer, though, because that makes it a little more special.

This recipe has followed me from my childhood. I remember seeing it on tables at different gatherings through the years. I love being able to bring a bit of my own past into my family’s present.

It will even be a part of the future, since my daughters have added it to their own recipe collection now.

After it sets up, it is a pretty presentation for a family dinner, potluck or even a tea party.

Whether I make it at home or for a family gathering, it makes a big splash. Featuring layers of pretzels, sweetened cream cheese and strawberries, it is a beautiful mix of salty and sweet.

I like to think of it as a grown-up Jello-O salad.

The key to this recipe is to take time to do each step correctly. Pretzels must be crushed finely to make the base. The cream cheese should be very soft to blend together with the sugar and whipped topping.

The recipe calls for frozen strawberries. This is important, as it aids in the setup. And, as good as it looks, wait for everything to set up well before scooping out a serving for yourself.

Although my choice is strawberries, I have seen it made with raspberries as well.

You may want to get creative and try a different favorite fruit. Never be limited to an exact recipe!

I like to think of it as a grown-up Jello-O salad.

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