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Mother's Day expectations vs. a good reality | Moms

Our oldest was born one week after Mother’s Day 2011.

I remember thinking how cool it would be if she would show up early so I could celebrate Mother’s Day with this brand new little baby.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, I got to wait almost a year for my Big Day.

Not going to lie, I kind of resented Dom when he got to celebrate his first Father’s Day almost a whole year before I got to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Still, I gave him a few nice gifts to commerate the huge milestone, just knowing that when my day came the following year, I was going to be showered with presents and adoration for a job well done.

Fast forward eleven months later and I am six-and-a-half months pregnant with our second child, having just thrown Big Girl her first birthday party.

That Sunday, Dom comes in the room and hands me three or four brightly wrapped packages that turn out to be a cake decorating kit that I had planned to purchase for myself the following week.

He had had taken out various components of the kit and wrapped them separately, like they were different gifts.

After that, we took my sister who was out visiting us, and Big Girl out on the river for her first boat ride.

Suffice it to say, my first Mother’s Day wasn’t exactly the breakfast-in-bed, Zen-like spa day that I had imagined a year prior.

No one was fawning all over me, I didn’t get served one meal, and strangers weren’t treating me with deference just because I had one kid and another one very obviously on the way.

No. My first Mother’s Day I spent just being a mom.

And ya know what, I’m good with that.

I actually remember feeling that first Mother’s Day that I should give Big Girl a gift, since she was the one who had made me a mother.

Being a mom is the single biggest blessing in my life, and that’s honestly still a little shocking to the girl who wasn’t sure she ever even wanted kids.

But when they laid Big Girl in my arms the second she was born, I knew being a mom was my calling.

Now I didn’t necessarily feel angels singing and the world brightening at the birth of my other children, but with each day that passes, I know that being their mother is my highest, most important calling.

It has not always been easy (read: it’s never been easy) and I’m pretty sure I might be warping my kids as much as I am doing them any good, but I love being their mom.

Being a mother is a dichotomous experience. Motherhood is full of joy and frustration, peace and worry, love and resentment.

Is there any other relationship on earth that fills you with so many conflicting emotions? I mean, no wonder people say their kids drive them crazy!

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So this Mother’s Day I don’t really hope to be showered with gifts (Dom, if you’re reading this, I totally do), but I do hope that I am lucky enough to spend the day surrounded by the little people who have made me one of the fortunate ones that this day celebrates.

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all!

My first Mother’s Day I spent just being a mom.

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