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Pinterest. That black hole of internet-inspired craftiness, baking prowess, organization madness, and any other thing you might want to find/do/make/eat.

I find it such a waste of time.


The pretty pictures and promises of success draw me in, but despite the boards and pins and good intentions, most of my pin-spirations are undone.

Just good ideas, sitting prettily on the internet.

My daughters, on the other hand, are using Pinterest for good. In a moment of true mommy-gloating, let me just brag for a minute or two.

When the tension increases in this household and lids are about to be flipped, I’ll find one of my girls on Pinterest, looking for something to lighten the mood. This can either a.) Completely irritate me, or b.) Make me laugh against my will and forget what I was so mad about.

Whether it’s animals with failed jump attempts, Sherlock with his snide remarks, the hedgehog or grumpy cat, they know that laughter will get me almost every time.

I’m pretty easily amused I guess.

Group boards are another way to share some Pinterest love.

I made a board with organization tips and invited my daughters to pin to it as well. Since they spend quite a bit more time there than I do, I just enlisted them to pin great stuff for me.

Go to your board, click “edit” and invite other pinners to join you.

Did you know you could send pins to another pinner?

That little “send” button on the top right of the pin allows you to send it via email or through Pinterest notifications. You can also send whole boards.

I get pins from my daughters with recipes to try, beautiful art work, funny quotes, and inspiration.

Recently, one of them sent me a pin with this quote: “Create the things you wish existed,” and a personal message telling me how I lead her by my example in this.

She could have asked for anything after sending me that, and I would have said yes.

That kind of encouragement from someone who sees me good, bad, and ugly, is priceless.

Sometimes kids surprise you in the best ways, and all the sleepless nights and gray hairs are suddenly worth it.

Pinterest has become a way for my daughters and I to encourage one another and share common interests, which is not a waste of time – unless you are on Pinterest when you should be doing your school *ahem*.

Create the things you wish existed

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