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The pool is now open | Moms

Barbeques, nights by the campfire, short sleeves and shorts, and kids sleeping in until 10 are all the unofficial mascots of everyone’s favorite two months in Oregon: summer.

For my family, opening our pool is the final, definitive sign that summer has arrived.

However, into our second year of pool ownership, I can honestly say the pool and splashing around in all the chlorinated water goodness has definitely lost the luster it once had as a kid.

As an adult and pool-owner, not only am I responsible for cleaning the pool, but buying the chemicals and removing and replacing the pool cover.

Also, let’s not forget that none of my four children are swimmers, only one is potty-trained (which means I have to squeeze three pairs of chubby legs into Little Swimmers), and not a single one of them can don their own swimsuits.

Getting ready for the pool is a marathon event that takes anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour, depending on whether Big Girl is happy with her suit and whether or not there are accidents in the Little Swimmers before I can finish getting everyone ready.

Usually there are.

And all of this for 20 minutes of Lifeguard-like diligence until someone decided she’s bored and wants to go in and watch Disney Jr., or a boy starts screaming and decides he is over it and wants to nap.

Suffice it to say that pool time is not the passive, relaxing time of yore.

However, I have confidence that once the kids are older and can swim and do chores (like skimming the pool’s water surface!) I’ll have my poolside lounge time back to myself.

Until then I have memories to help sustain me through my not so fun stint as swimwear stylist/pool girl/lifeguard extraordinaire.

pool time is not the passive, relaxing time of yore.

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